Wolf of Wall Street’s bitcoin warning

Wolf of Wall Street’s bitcoin warning

“Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort warns Richard Quest about getting into bitcoin.



ReasonHound says:

So essentially it’s just like the NYSE

Afjeer says:

He looks like he’s on coke

Draınox says:

And he was right

tony 'too sweet' swann says:

if belfort is doing this as a community service requirement from that past thing with the sec and the fbi, thanks for the heads up jordan, i appreciate it.

WWF Squadron says:

Save this video. Watch it again 20 years from now and laugh your brains out!

nick hurley says:

Pretty safe to say, "He called it."

paul patrick says:

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Erma Gerd!!! says:

This guy is a financial expert? All he did was basically say "blah blah blah Bitcoin copy cats" and "yadda yadda pump and dump".

Mike Sollows says:

Bunny tokens still a thing ?

TheMozez10 says:

He was right

Thomas Scott says:

This is the only way he knows how to get paid Lie!!!

dan jasperson says:


dan jasperson says:

'Everything that isnt bitcoin is a pump and dump' hahahahahahahahahaha

Catalin Borz says:

He called it!!!

When I saw last year that bitcoin ads were all over the place( youtube, emails, tv, etc)…..to me that was a Warning sign. It was impossible to be legit.

Someone(a group of scammers…) made a huge "pump and dump" and used all that publicity to do it.

The people who entered the market late, before the December drop in price, were suckered into buying bitcoin when it was expensive.

Now all the crypto youtuber's try to convince people to hold and wait.
"Wait for the next big rise in price" – that will never come in my opinion. (maybe they are payed to influence people not to get out the market so fast and also to lure others in with the promise of a new opportunity).
When will people learn? These types of scams are not new.

anu anu says:

I have wolves of crypto street in my office..

Faith Fournier says:

This is one of the most scandalous persons in American history any one taking advice from a scam artist needs to get their head checked

Adrian Hibbert says:

I’ve made Millions from Bitcoin and there’s more millions to come…I don’t listen to a word this guy says…

Dan Zena says:

Many of you are saying "Oh look, a fraud telling me what's a fraud!" " a schemer telling me what's a scheme! Ha! I'm not listening".

It's like saying "A drug addict telling me about drugs! What's does he know!!" .

I'm not praising the man but if he participated in fraudulent acts and he's telling you what s a fraud, I would listen. Not saying take his word as gospel but he obviously knows how a scheme works. And the more information you know, WILL NOT hurt you.

George Bronson says:

bitcoin is Hitler's dream money, BC THE JEWS CAN'T TOUCH IT!

Dr B says:

and now the bit-thing is worth 20% of is peak value…

brian yvr says:

i believe it's only a matter of not if but when a BTC ETF gets approved. dozens if not hundreds of ETFs will get rejected by the SEC, but eventually one will get approved. By then, perhaps almost all BTC will have been mined or close to it. People forget that it's like the 90's when the internet was just getting started. Blockchain tech isn't going anywhere.

DoubleUpOnBob says:

Whyyiiii, sir, do you believe…. 0:36

Slickat 503 says:

"If everyone is buying you start selling if everyone is selling you start buying "

Ariya Josheghani says:

You have genuine opinions that could result in concern on some issues…

But you have to remember mr Belfort, crypto currencies started underground, it’s been against the government from day dot (when corrupt Wall Street’s 2008 financial crisis took effect to be exact) you said the government isn’t going to let this happen, this will and is happening regardless even if the government placed a total ban, it will just knock the unground market back a few years, and we will rise again.

The government can choose to spend time and money to try and stop innovation which they won’t, or can work with us, we are putting the ball in their court not vice versa.

Air hd tv says:

In 3 years from now, the entire world will be saying, “remember all that crypto-currency scam, bubble nonsense? How was I so gullible?”
People complain about criminal banksters running the baseless fiat monetary system. But at least the criminals have the laws and regulations, and a tax system, and a banking system on their side, and if all else fails, the fiat system is enforced by weapons.
Whereas, crypto currency is backed by the slippery foundation of the GULLIBLE FOOL THEORY. What a fraud.

Don Beckwith says:

Don't believe anything with the letters cnn in it

Antonio Grassia says:

Jordan Belfort is not smart…

gardensofthegods says:

There's not 1 rich or influential person out there.. not 1 filmmaker who has compassion to film the victims who are still owed a $100 million dollars by this dirtbag.

This past year year the US gov't threatened to throw him back in jail if he doesn't start really paying his restitution .

See the vid on the Inside Edition Channel called :" Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort still living lavish lifestyle "

He pays back about 5,000 a month so technically in about 1600 years he will have paid off his debt.

Yeah he lies and says it is paid off.

On YouTube here I see only 1 video that interviews one or two of his victims.

I wish somebody who really cares will make a documentary and interview his victims… see how he ruined them and how some of them have been destroyed well Jordan Belfort sleeps good at night.

The man is a psychopath ..a very Charming psychopath… where is the justice for his victims…. why is the government not garnishing the money from his books and lectures at the very least ?

Does anybody else understand what I am saying here ? Or is almost everybody brainwashed by this con artist.

Digital Currency Markets says:

The debate is really interesting right now. We see hyperinflation in both Turkey and Venezuela and their respective bitcoin trading volumes are huge as the local's filter as much money in Lira and Bolivar's out and into a decentralized digital currency. What would you do if the country and currency you are living in suffered hyperinflation? For various reasons, Bitcoin can be an excellent inflationary hedge.

gardensofthegods says:

The SNAKE of salesmanship

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