Will We Never See A $3,000 Bitcoin Again?

Will We Never See A $3,000 Bitcoin Again?

Will We Never See A $3,000 Bitcoin Again?

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Iridescent says:

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seb22663 says:

Fuck me, dit i just felt some FOMO………………………………………..

Ben Valkyrie says:

Wyoming… I know the attorney that pushed the legislation through in Wyoming. It's not about farmers, it's about the state wanting jobs. It has more cows than people. Not the strongest economy. And yes the state's overall love of freedom from government doesn't hurt.

Skankwave says:

Smooth fadeout daaaayumm

Boston Rob w Bitcoin Arb and Crypto Entertainment says:

waiting and will likely not go in on the dip as much as i went in on the peak

Never Feed the Roaches says:

Yang is a fascist. Vote for him and vote for socialism. No one wants to eat their dog. Bye bye yang!

pHecky says:

Hey does anyone know where I can find the washing machine on drugs video? Great episode CD!

YePapote Global says:

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Shai raikano says:

3:50 cool cyberpunk bonsai tree bro

Arjun Dev says:

always long baby! yeah! πŸ™„πŸ˜€

joweh quinal says:

This is a great help to us, hopefully return the bitcoin rise again.

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