Why Pomp Invested 50% of His Wealth in Bitcoin

Why Pomp Invested 50% of His Wealth in Bitcoin

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Anthony Pompliano explains why he invested over 50% of his wealth in Bitcoin, enumerating on the reasons why he thinks Bitcoin will reach $100K by 2021 and the impact of Libra on the space. According to Pomp, Bitcoin has the potential to become a global reserve currency.

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Why Pomp Invested 50% of his Wealth in Bitcoin



Cointelegraph says:

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LittlePaws says:

This guy has big eyebrows like caterpillars😁

CryptoANYTHING says:

Well coordinated pump will get it there

Hodl Helper says:

This episode perfectly illustrates why I unfollowed Cointelegraph on all channels. Speculations, predictions and forecasts. I will come back once you started to provide us with useful news instead of sensational bulls*it.

Mike Jones says:

I have 100% of my wealth in btc… all $100

Shreedhar Jajoo says:

Bitcoin isnt scalable though, the fees will keep going up how will it become a currency?

Douglas S. Noble says:


samacumen says:

Pomp the Bitcoin Pump!

Min as mean says:

My guess is 335USD K

Renata Frisco says:

Why has the recent rise in Bitcoin price not also happened for alt-coins? Is Bitcoin traded differently or on some exchanges, or some other reason?

Mike OZ says:

His prediction was foretold by his local village gypsy!

Jason Kellogg says:

He looks like he’s invested the other 50% in heroine 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

Crypto League says:

Nice Content. I´ve posted a video with a big Bitcoin and Altcoin history analysis and the information that i found will answer any question (Bitcoins next step, Altcoins pump, entry point, bull market).

Fabrice Manzo says:

are you guys twins?

Map to Success says:

Big Pomp or Lil Pomp?! 🧐

dari duke says:

Pomp pumping bitcoin…. 👍

hr 777 says:

face book libra coin is the trojan horse of central banks

Andrea - says:

Why not 100%… Pussy

Gaël des Montagnes Noires says:

Grayscale's second biggest holding after Bitcoin is 🥁🥁🥁Ether Classic💚

coolezum says:

💸💰love crypto but, words are all speculation. Anytime I hear someone state price, crystal ball?

Julian Cornel says:

i kind of am skeptical with this projection, fake news everywere, you can imagine bloomberg telling us about how high the bTc market will rise up to the 20,000 mark and 4 days after it fell down to $10, 000 mark from the initial 13, 000 https://youtu.be/-f51_pp92RM

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