Why Peter Schiff Loves Gold and Hates Bitcoin [Gold vs Bitcoin]

Why Peter Schiff Loves Gold and Hates Bitcoin [Gold vs Bitcoin]

Ever wonder why Peter Schiff loves gold and hates Bitcoin? Why does Peter spend so much time talking about Bitcoin? What is he trying to prove or hide? Tune in and find out.

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nobbie finch says:

Haven't watched yet but just by the title, " Gee, do you think it will be in November?🤔" I won't give you my theory and best speculation for the thirteenth time on my prediction that I have given you say for humm…..check back as far as 10 months ago if not farther and everything that has been happening around the world that ties into current true events. The plan is working as Q said to "trust the plan." So many people walking around with blinders on unaware of what is coming. Not many have been able to connect all the dots and understand exactly how it all intertwines. As you point out historical data/facts, other influences will catapult the total market cap finally jumping over the trillion dollar mark, well past.. I lost 3BTC when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about the great Mr. JOSEPH HILL contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 7BTC in less than a month from his tradings.He is so competent , honest, consistent and very experienced, contact him at Josehill293 AT gmail com or via telegram @ Josehill293 , here is also his WhatsApp +1( 941 ) 363 – 1471 .Look to see [HRCs] health to deteriorate at the beginning of this marker☠️ Justice is coming and much more

Douglas S. Noble says:

I never knew a person named Schiff who wasn't a liar!

Crypto Colombian says:

I’m a millennial. We don’t want boring gold. We want bitcoin and we are going to be taking over soon. Sorry schiff

paul lunney says:

id love to know the btc vs gold increase since he said "well btc is down 5% today and gold is up 3%"

paul lunney says:

i remember the day btc broke $1250 and took over the price of an oz of gold was a happy day. i was as bullish at $250 as i am now this is just the beginning

Edwin says:

Peter is payed for being a goldbug by the media. It's his job to be bullish about gold. Image he would switch to bitcoin…..he would be out of a job!!

Changed My Name Again says:

He more than likely has Bitcoin. But he is in the gold business and he is going to push for that. If he really has no BTC then he isn't thinking clearly. I don't listen to the guy…

Michael Manfro says:

$250,000 price is algorithmically coded into bitcoin’s protocol..

It’s going to happen. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Literally inevitable

grainof salt says:

I think he's too smart to not know that bitcoin is making a transfer from a speculative asset to a safe haven asset, and he's also too stubborn to admit he's wrong. Therefore he feels threatened. If he admits he's wrong now he knows he'll never hear the end of it for the rest of his career. He obviously knows bitcoin has value. Why else would he take it as payment for gold?

Gravel Pit says:

Austin Power's Fahjah!

Kevin Wolf says:

Yeah I can totally imagine being a gold bug in the future. Carrying around a hammer and chizzle and trying to shave off enough gold to pay for my Amazon purchase…. Even with Prime I cant imagine how long it would take for me to receive something after shiping my gold to them and have them weigh it. Even after they receive the gold I sent I would hope that the little gold shavings made it in one piece all while gold retaining the value at time of purchase…. Can you imagine the transaction costs to ship gold insured for a $10 Amazon purchase??? I know people complain about bitcoin transaction fees but at least they don't need to go to the post office to wait in line to buy a stamp at a higher cost. Bitcoin is also always insured as long as you keep your private keys safe. I don't want to live in Peter's future!

Gravel Pit says:

everytime they mention Gold, all I think about is Austin Power's Goldmember. Its Austin Power's Fahjah. Smoke and a pancake

Amrita Bithi says:

He has never changed crypto is just full of shit and can't take criticism because people know it's a scam.

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