Why Bitcoin's Revival Is Different This Time Around

Why Bitcoin's Revival Is Different This Time Around

May.16 — Barry Silbert, Digital Currency Group founder and chief executive officer, discusses what’s behind the revival of Bitcoin with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, Romaine Bostick and Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Markets: What’d You Miss?”



Cory Henry says:

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RightClic God says:

Shilling BitconnectCoin a few hours before the dump, perfect.

vasanth chandrasekaran says:

Another set of folks are going to get slaughtered … phew

Usagiynami says:

Great drop gold concept

Mike says:

Holy shameless shill with mentioning Ethereum Classic for smart contracts. It's been 51% attacked and IOHK has dropped all dev support for it! LOL. This man has heeeeavy bags to dump.

Ali Efendi Kartop says:

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kbwojo says:

Yes good investment until your hacked, swindled, or etc…

Dec 2018

The unexpected death of the owner of Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange has left $145 million of cryptocurrency locked in a digital wallet to which he reportedly had the only password.


Hack Date: 19 June 2011

Amount Hacked: 750,000 BTC around $350 million


Hack Date: September 2012

Amount Hacked: 24,000 BTC


Hack Date: 4th March 2014

Amount Hacked: 12.3% of all BTCs


Hack Date: 4th January 2015

Amount Hacked: 19,000 BTC


Hack Date: August 2016

Amount Hacked: 120,000 BTC Over $40 million

eric brimberry says:

Well. Now i understand why horizen has been pumping so hard! Best gainer so far in my portfolio

harryzero 156 says:

How are people with gold supposed to go digital, where do you go with your gold to have it verified, digitised and uploaded to some block chain.

Eric Swenson says:

when the gov prints money, it's a pseudo tax that damages the value of every citizens dollar. for a more extreme example of the behavior, ask citizens of venezuela. bitcoin does not do that. in fact, bitcoins are sometimes lost, which actually increases the value of every other bitcoin owners coins.

Dmitry Savchuk says:

ETC?? Shit coin

100%Jim says:

Is this what Nocoiners watch? TMI FTW 😉

Mark Bland-Kelly says:

Ah ah ah ass asses access axes assect class XD

partylikeits$19.99 says:

We will NEVER go back to a system of gold currency, digital currencies are the future…and i'm betting on bitcoin.

1manuscriptman says:

It was INCREDIBLY obvious that Bitcoin was being pushed up in order to allow a mass sell off. It's obvious that Bitcoin is FAR too volatile to be a store of wealth.

slovokia says:

It’s funny to think that bitcoin folks have now put their faith in taking market share away from gold as a way to increase the usage and market share of bitcoin. How about fixing the transaction throughput issue first? Bitcoin is an admirable proof on concept for a digital currency but it will be replaced by something better. Gold has it’s downsides but you do not need a computer network with an elaborate incentive system for miners and other participants to make it work. Not alot of deep thinking going on in this interview. Someone could easily create a digital currency that represents gold held in a vaults like gold etfs do. Bitcoin is much more volatile than gold – it’s supply is limited by a few lines of software. Software can easily be changed. Can the supply of gold be changed that way?

KyleTVProductions says:

As gov’s and corp’s are increasingly tracking us, crypto will be more used.

This might be bigger in China where the gov will be tracking your purchases for your social credit score. Crypto is the solution to that!

-ED- Bitcoin SV Channel says:

No one is properly educated about Bitcoin, those who are, know that BTC is no longer Bitcoin as it was changed by its centralised devs from Core who work for Blockstream, a corporation which is funded by bankers, the very people who are threatened by Bitcoin system. BTC is literally an altcoin now, and what makes things worse for BTC, is that ITS USE CASE HAS BEEN DESTROYED, thanks to prevention of scaling (increasing network capacity) as well as functionality being removed, by Blockstream people also.

Very few people actually know (and dare to say) these things because there is so much propaganda around Bitcoin created by Blockstream, who are trying to trick people into not using Bitcoin system, and instead use their own centralised Lightning network garbage which is almost identical replica of the existing shitty banking system.

Bitcoin is BSV… and BTC is nothing but a Ponzi scheme now… don't say you weren't warned

Rich Buddy says:

gold has intrinsic scientific properties most in the world yet do not understand. There is a reason why people sought and hoarded it as they were told to do by their Gods.

stan ronald says:

"THEY" better let gold and silver run, or else more and more people will sell metals and invest in crypto, thus driving down the price

Bruce Will Es says:

What is the advantage of a Bitcoin ETF over GBTC? I really don't get that. Thank you so much! Greetings from Germany

JTBSK2 says:

This guy is an idiot, “silver has no utility” lmao…… hey numb nuts solar panels, medical uses, electronics, etc

JTBSK2 says:

The sheeple are led into slaughter…. gold silver has been manipulated by silver and futures… while crypto is being advertised , the sheeple will listen to anything

Williams Culbertson says:

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R James says:

Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019…🌬….🏖

‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’

lotto says:

I'm just hoping DOGECOIN hits $1

bernardmailmantv says:

Bitcoin is the best form of money humanity has ever seen…. Let that sink in.

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