Where is the Market Heading Next? // CryptoCurrency News // Bitcoin & Altcoins

Where is the Market Heading Next? // CryptoCurrency News // Bitcoin & Altcoins

Where is the market going next? What will happen with bitcoin?
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Delfino Vega says:

Are u mining still?

Darrell Aubrey says:

Good to see you again Zach!
HODLing BTC, ETH & IOTA long term… and Some XRP just for fun..

My Warped Mind says:

You got some nerve mate!!! I hope your one of the shills that get made out for pumping and dumping. SEC is coming down on you guys like a tonne of bricks.
Crypto doesn't need scumbags like you. Popping out of the f@#king cave at the first sign of a market turn around.
Seriously your history on YouTube should be made public! Your how many channels do you run and have you run all in search of a quick buck?!

Santiago Pitluk says:

This guy is dead. I already unsubscribed

Mike Parker says:

This muthafukka gonna pop back up when the market looked like it was bouncing back…SMH

J T says:

Beard, no beard, still a dipshit! I cannot tell you how awesome it is to see other people bash you!

Edwin Jimenez says:

Welcome back! Feels like you been gone for a while.

Greg Kessler says:

When the going got tough he abandoned all his subscribers, I suggest you do the same thing and abandon him!

Charlie D says:

He's starting to chill since he's got a wedding coming up…

1Sureno3 Rap Music says:

Man i used to listen to you everyday. You just disappeared when things got rough and you left most of your followers hanging. When they needed you the most you was nowhere to be found. Unsubscribing to you. You wasn't loyal to us, an I won't be either. Good luck with your neo at 145 you told everyone to buy.

Oscar Salguero says:

Unsubscribed and Move On

AKA cheater says:

very good signal, i see your post a video and i sell BTC that simple

Playcheese says:

Im not giving you a second chance.. being gone for a whole month without saying anything.. I miss the room vids.. Sorry.. But good luck!

Jamison Gross says:

Bro, I remember when you would post 1-2 times a day and I would watch everyday. You're my favorite to watch, but you gotta stay with us. HODL with your follows and fans or you're going to lose us. #GOPackGO

sergone lopes says:

You are the fair weather man. Only around when it begins to look good

Otelia Riggs says:

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Unsubscribing. Bye

speedy moon says:

The moron is back again

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