What’s Happening to the Price of Bitcoin & Crypto? Bull Run or Bull Trap?

What’s Happening to the Price of Bitcoin & Crypto? Bull Run or Bull Trap?

What is happening to the price of Bitcoin, is this the start of a bull run or a dangerous bull trap?


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The Crypto Lark says:


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ed.vandyke says:


Eric Outram says:

Bull run
Theirs always blood
Is it’s your blood

Joe Crypto says:

What does the Crypto Gargoyle think ? He seems to be in a very pensive mood back there .

Angel Rodriguez says:

I'm pretty sure I saw Bitcoin Rat shilling BTC-R coin on a Subway once.

chille 3000 says:

got my like on 0:49

Paul Bogo says:

Dow down crypto up I like what I am seeing

Paul Bogo says:

The lark is the man

really PC says:

you look even more stupid now lark – and you cant tell us shit unless you can tell us before it happens not after – any idiot can do that

Dr. Crypto says:

Bottom at 3000 or at 1500 is actually not important at all. If you believe in Crypto, and invest long term, all the current prices are good investments! Patience is a virtue guys!

Mark 741 says:

Look at BTC go again πŸ™‚

Ben Oppenheimer says:

thoughts on eth?

Jared Houston says:

I just decided to come back into the market after leaving in January, so that should say something. I bought BTC when it was on it's $2500 rise, almost 2 years ago now! I don't want to see $2500 price again, which is why I'm buying in again now. I don't think a retrace to that level is healthy for the market. I think the bubble has burst and we are right were it should be, the $3000-$4000 range.

samson ononse says:

its not a bull run yet, we still have some downward movement coming, brace up dont get fomo with this move its a trap.

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

What is going to happen is that the index funds are going to FOMO in crypto soon. …but we need some more fear in the stock market first. That will come very soon. Bitcoin for the first time in history has just diverged from stock indices. For your information: After 2007, Congress passed a law that allows the traditional index funds to participate in the commodity futures market. That is why crude oil went to $140 dollars a barrel on high supply. Flash forward to present, they will buy CME Bitcoin futures and or Nasdaq Bitcoin futures. I am not talking about new institutional money. Index funds don't need a ETF nor custodianship and SEC approval.

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