What is WinK on Tron? How I Earn Bitcoin With It?

What is WinK on Tron? How I Earn Bitcoin With It?


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OffGridHawaii says:

So you just keep WIN on TronLink and you get tron?

Kole Davila says:

When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was actually not interested because my mindset was what changes will it bring to the world but when I began to carry out some deep research of what it is about I was more than interested because the opportunities it present is very wide and can equally make someone to be wealthy. I read several post and equally got to know about trading and some exchanges that I can equally get this done. I started to buy some bitcoin in early 2018 because the market outburst in December 2017 was more than enough for me to actually have a belief that yes cryptocurrency is here to stay. I decided to carry out some trading without proper knowledge of how to trade or what trading about and also I lack proper knowledge of how the market trends goes because I was thinking that there will always be an upward trend in the market. I invested into some coin that eventually ran out of market in 2018 and my BTC was lost. I became so sad because I was thinking that I have found my miracle to excel but I never knew that I just failed trading on my own will and experience. I was restless and decided to give up on trading and just hold my leftover 2BTC out of the initial 7BTC that i bought but my mind was telling me never to give up and so I decided to go into intensive research to see if I can learn new ways to make profit trading but the various technique I saw always prove abortive but I never gave up not until one particular day January 13, 2019 when I met Brandon Gaston, Brandon was a kind man as he introduced me to the strategies that he use to profit. He was very considerate as well because I explained to him how I have almost giving up on my cryptocurrency journey. He tutored me on his strategies and then I started implementing it. With just 2 months and 10 days my profit have already amount to x6 of my initial investment. I was amazed because if I have given up I would have not been so lucky today to meet him. I was so glad that I decided to share my story with the world to know about. So if you were also in my previous state and needs a transformation why not get in touch with Brandon today and get your story transformed to the better. I will advice you to contact (gastonbrandonn@gmailcom)** for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching…

Jonathan Arauz says:

So is holding 5 mil wink worth it on a daily

Ryan Burdon says:

Winnnnnnnconnect !!!!

Good Work PE says:

Wow, thanks for this win info!!!

Gerald R. says:

hodling the win swap for sure

J Me says:

How to xfer win frm binance to tro n wallet? No address on tron wallet. Time line? Thanks

benny f says:

Thanks πŸ™ for the vid gonna have to give this a try bro

djpaulywood says:

Great job on the vid – now make an updated version about trontrade – way quicker/cheaper and keeping it in the family!
It's a WIN WIN!

Victor C says:

ok trevon u got me

King Kortez says:

Hey bro! New decentralized app is out . Make passive income. Plz send me a message.

Jimmy jones says:

why is WINk dropping like a stone on binance?

OneQBit says:

Much better and mature type of video.. you actually got a like from me on this one πŸ™‚

Jan Kowalski says:

Big cash flow and adaptive because of casino and massive token benefits:) Wink dapp very good project πŸ™‚ WinK to the moon!!!

mrmojorisingful says:

Pulling in 2k trx a day with this. Love win

Joshua Godsoe says:

Het try i sent 75k trx to a super rep nameded trxultra do you know how i can get ahold of him ill send u trx

roy hines says:

When when dice list on an exchange? & also any estimate on the future price of 1 dice

nathaniel adelman says:

Try a sativa, maybe you will have the energy to make more vids!

Dwayne Cunningham says:

Hey Tre. Been a while. Take care.

Daniel Clark says:

Boy I told u to hold Ante!…Now u got all your followers FOMOING…Good FOMO though…Freeze at least 10 Million to earn about $5 to $10 a day. I earn about $60 to $80 with 60 million

Crypto DiscGolf says:

So buying win will get you divs like with dice?

Steve D says:

Following you for a while now. Jumped on tronbet end of 2018 and stuck with it. Didn't leave frooze my ante got a load of win now and some dice. Just sitting watching my div payouts daily. Great thing is it's never too late to join the party!!

ActionChris says:

That was a Video for your MainChannel Bro … πŸ™‚

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