What is the Next Bitcoin Buy Zone? | Eric Krown and Charlie Burton

What is the Next Bitcoin Buy Zone? | Eric Krown and Charlie Burton

Eric Krown and Charlie Burton discuss the next BTC price moves, Bitcoin margin and option trading techniques, BSV price movements and more.

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Cointelegraph says:

0:47 What was the reason for last Sunday's Bitcoin drop?

5:05 What is your outlook for the mid-term?

6:37 Bear trend since last summer is just a pullback

7:24 A long range is needed to shake more investors off the market

8:42 Did Bitcoin touch the bottom?

12:09 Risk of pullback remains until weekly 20 flattens

12:36 Any little pullbacks are opportunities to get long

13:25 How much Bitcoin should you have in your investment portfolio?

16:18 How important is option trading in your daily trading activity?

21:55 What is your reading of BSV's latest price movements?

23:35 How crucial is margin trading in your trading activity?

Crypto Stef says:

Dat hair is anti gravity stuff. Should be researched it for those properties

Static Folk says:

Hans and frans. There here to pump YOU up! Your all krypto girly men!

198ano5 says:

Great interview. Thanks!

RenΓ© Bijloo says:

Everybody is waiting for the halving, but we still have some time until then, so for now there are drops due to traders still seeking for short term profit. Normally the expectation should bring in more buyers progressively weeks before the event.

Martin K. says:

My goal is to have 3 BTC.

eXXposed.org says:

HairCone on ConeBase β—πŸš€πŸ’₯

eXXposed.org says:

HairCone on ConeBase β—πŸš€πŸ’₯

DDsmokey says:

Always nice to hear multiple views nice video!

Drake Wheeler says:

We will see 6k before bull run continues. Dont fomo in

Leonard Gonzalez says:

I think Krown's hair did a Bart Simpson pattern.

Katy Coulthane says:

Please bring Eric on some more. His TA is amazing. Ive followed so many like Tone etc in the past, no one gets it smack perfect with the probabilities of upside or downside and to the exact level, like Eric does. Ive traded for 10 years, traditional markets, but since I discovered Eric's youtube channel only 2 months ago, Ive started watching each new updated video TWICE a day. I even take notes, just to make sure what he says actually happens and it does. His focus on CME futures and options re: BTC is making me highly interested in his new analysis as the price seems to follow it perfectly.

Randy Carman says:

How much BTC should you have? Zero.

kripto says:

Eric is it possible to use hairdresser with btc?πŸ€”

Dark Helmet says:

I'm having a mild heat attack , but will HODL:)

Crypto MindSet says:

Charlie Burton is the man:}

Haz says:

white BG chart :O

Andrew ES&D says:

krown will be the new host of ancient aliens.

Andrew ES&D says:

krowns hair is bullish!!!

Devante Ainsley says:

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vegas23 says:

Stop bringing stock market people on here. Is this hard? Is ur job hard? I can literally do ur job better than u picking the actual correct people to interview. 5 years into crypto and it’s still the exact same shit. News media who know absolutely nothing bring on people who know absolutely nothing about crypto. U all should be fired. There are a decent amount of legit crypto people out there so do ur fooking job and get those people it’s that simple

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