What Is Driving Bitcoin's Price Up?

What Is Driving Bitcoin's Price Up?

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Well let me tell you …

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Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!



Decentralized TV says:

πŸ’°Get on the Waiting List β˜… http://yen.io

David C says:

Is it true at this time, 6:40 pm Pacific that there are 40k unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network? Slow, I won't sell mine one but someone needs to help lightning adoption yen folks

Betty Harris says:

@t check this trading site out

Edward CryptoCannon says:

get a better presenter this is painful

Alberto L says:

DCTV, when you want crypto news a day late.

Olemundo Aguilar says:

NYC killed BTC, game over

Wounded Warr1or says:

Anyone who has been on this train for at least the last 169 week's, knows it is a given that eventually OTC supplies are not limitless; and it will get to a point where these instatutions will have no choice than to do split orders between OTC & in the market which would have a greater impact in price movement. This has been great for anyone who mines at scale; but by the same token mining equipment prices are going up also.

Mitch King says:

Where is peter? Its not a bear market anymore

Valentin Muntean says:

what do you work?

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