What is Bitcoin? – Word on the Street [EP.1] with Peter Saddington, The Crypto Correspondent!

What is Bitcoin? – Word on the Street [EP.1] with Peter Saddington, The Crypto Correspondent!

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This is what it looks like when you ask people randomly about bitcoin!

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!



Wayne Young says:

You should do something like this again!

Xa Ya Za Za says:

I miss the live streams homie

sumreal guy says:

Looks like the word is slowly getting out.

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Daniel Harrison says:

Black dude knows what hes talkin about

Sylvain C says:

The mic looks like a Taser

Gracie21 says:

Whoa! You've been busy! Awesome, P!

Sean Mendoza says:

the whole reason for bitcoin is so that ppl trade in their actual money currency for dark web currency that is what it is….the web owns your money and what better way to manupulate ppl and send off radio waves than to have everyone including those who are never on a computer to actually now be on it? dark web wants everyones souls and signatures………. i rather have something real in my hand that cant be taken away than to have a fantasy of money in a dark web……remember there are hackers and you are telling me bitcoin cannot be hacked ? lmfao …if MAC computers can be hacked and once they find you they offer you a job then wtf you think will happen to bitcoin? i am sure that is how the market fluctuates up and down once someone hacks and takes money out ohhh you lost money i am sorry lmfao …OR better yet how about when older ppl that invested die? is that how the currency goes up with bitcoin after bitcoin keeps their money ? lmfao……… nothing but fuckkking ducktales here ! A WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Michelle Meow says:

Love these. It seems like everyone is talking about bitcoin here in the bay area, but it's the bay area.

Joseph Dykes says:

Great video. I like how you let them answer and didn't ask leading questions

Cj4days says:

Great video peter!

Lillian Wisdom says:

Great Ideas, good Job Peter, I see no one on the tube has done this yet.

Slake Thirsty says:

The sound was fine.

Craig Neeve says:

once you get the ladies interested its mainstream

Mike Dee says:

What is with that microphone

Eric P says:

Girls aren't interested in investing money, but they sure know how to spend it.

Rob Van Riet says:

Keep doing these street talks!

DOHCness says:

LMAO This was epic!!!!!

Yakn0m says:

More videos like this! This is fun and i think it is a good way to grow your channel dude! GL

Ken Semotiuk says:

BIT WHAT ???????????

CanadaDig says:

Keep them in the dark, I’m still increasing positions.

Jay Dee says:

You know it’s time to load up the truck with Bitcoin when most people are so ignorant on it. It’s why we drive Lambos and they drive Corollas. And they still don’t make the association.

Skatter says:

You can tell its not well known. its never on the trending page

J Guillory says:

Great Analysis. 99.9% of the world is not even aware of whats about to happen to their $. Get ready, its about to be a wild ride

C C says:

good to know we are away from mass adaption

Odin's Eye says:

It was funny watching the old man act like he knew what he was talking about. 😂😂😂😂

Bunch of Blocks says:

The real question is what are you using as a mic LOL, great video bro keep it up!

Two Wheels rule says:

That was funny. lol. But your mic looks like a tasser.

Diana Yates says:

Is that a Lamborghini behind you?! 😱 I’m so following you my fellow Hanguk!!!

QuadQ says:

Nice experiment. More please.

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