What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? Bitcoin Blockchain and Me Part 1 War on Cash

What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? Bitcoin Blockchain and Me Part 1 War on Cash

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Florentino Montalvo Gaytรกn says:

There is an important issue with Bitcoin creation, the difficulty is ARTIFICIALLY increased depending of the capacity of the miners, so if the miners increase their computational power, the difficulty increases, is not that the bitcoin creation is hard by itself, its actually a very fast encryption and you could 'mine' all in one day. This is done to keep production in a more or less constant rate, so it will be predictable. Its absurd.

Craig Butterfield says:

Bitcoin is not Safe, there is no way to know if Bitcoin is really decentralized and holds no proven long-term track record of value, people have reported the lost of millions already with Bitcoin, their money just disappears and bitcoin can be hacked, which proves it is not decentralized, millions have been loss there too! ( please look it up online). The Central Banking Cabal are licking their chops of controlling our money again through Crypto currency 's or a Cashless Society. Stay in control of our money through Gold & Silver and metals. The Banking Cabal are so corrupt, we cannot trust a Gold backed currency from them anymore, they will say it's Gold backed, when they don't have any Gold, they exported all of our Gold out of the country. The Bushes, Clinton 's, and Obama's sold it to other countries to BREAK OUR COUNTRY and take over with a NEW WORLD ORDER . China, Russia and India are smart , they know Golds real value, they have been stock piling it for years ! Good luck!

Maximum Axiom says:

I am selling some silver and buying some BTC

noodlesdoctor says:

Your understanding of bitcoin is limited.

Michael F says:

We are marching towards a cashless world but bitscheme won't be the currency of the future, gov'ts like China will squash it!

John Boutakis says:

Thankyou Very Much Lynette, An Amazing Easy To Understand Video.

1/1024 says:

If anyone says any digital currency can't be hacked – i feel sorry for them….. Bitcoin was hacked at least once – they lost millions of dollars. http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2016/12/20/hackers-have-stolen-millions-of-dollars-in-bitcoin-using-only-phone-numbers/#4c65135b22db

Haroun Kola says:

I watched this webinar live when it happened and I was a bit disappointed. I don't think you understand that the blockchain was created as an open source project and not related to any of the central banks.

Perhaps getting most of the information about the blockchain from the IMF and other central authorities makes you believe that this is created by and for them but that's not the case.

Central banks are no doubt getting into the blockchain game, but they're mostly creating their own proprietary blockchains and not the open, decentralised bitcoin blockchain.

Better to get info about blockchain from the geeks that created it and are programming the source code, which being opensource, the code is publicly available for everyone to look at at critique.

1/1024 says:

You said when bitcoins are transacted new bitcoins are created – but, i'm pretty sure, that they are fractional bitcoins – like if I have one bitcoin and bought something that cost 1/2 a bitcoin – there would be two bitcoins but they are worth half as much. Anyhow please let me know if I got that right…. Thanks for your incredible string of videos…..

Shady Pine says:

Wow, Bitcoin is complicated. I think it is too complicated for a 74 year old codger like me. Thanks so much for the report, I think I am going to pass on this one.

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