What is Bitcoin? Google Trends Show Good Signs for Cryptocurrency Despite Price

What is Bitcoin? Google Trends Show Good Signs for Cryptocurrency Despite Price

Google trends show a good year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – the numbers are surprising – but still far from adoption.



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The Crypto Lark says:


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USvotesOnline says:

what is beyonce?

ThatGuyNick says:

Viewchain may get a nice chunk of users from Zapya

Exciting World Cryptos says:

Very good things are always happening in cryptocurrency. Dispute all the FUD that is created. Always focus on positive and not negative. As usual your broadcast is so brilliant as usual. Thank for sharing. JR!

DIM VOG says:

Very juicy update, thank you Lark 🙂 adoption, adoption, adoption!

- - says:

I think the first killer app is already here – it's fair gamified gambling. I'm more interested in what comes next though.

George Tindall says:

a scam that is failing.people are going to need cardboard boxes to live in when they have gave away all their money.

pointy07 says:

The average IQ on the continent of Africa is 70-75. Crypto needs to get a lot easier to acquire and use

Craig Gibson says:

As far as a daap, i am clueless. But buying with crypto is something with crypto, I fully support. I live in Colombia, South America and I have not discovered many ways to purchase with crypto. If you have any information in this regard please respond.

Craig Gibson says:

Very good content.

Mice Elf says:

Some kinda SUPER EASY to use, safe, mobile wallet that integrates with sms might be the next killer dapp but I think that already exists… and I’ve only used my crypto to buy stuff on overstock. Although I haven’t bought anything with my crypto during this bearish season. Instead I’m buying more crypto with this lousy flag money.

Mice Elf says:

HOLY SMOKES!!! You mean I can send money across the world in an instant without having to deal with a stupid bank? This is gonna change the entire world’s monetary system ^.^

Moon Trader says:

thanks for being so on top of your game Lark.. i've been watching your vids since july 2017.. your recent format is great! love that you are breaking up the videos into multiple topic specific videos… your daily news updates… compared to most youtube crypto peeps.. you seem to have the best pulse on whats going on with this tech and how it is emerging

D Lux says:

I don't agree with the idea of a "killer dApp" (as it's commonly understood) being necessary for crypto's success—at least not in the near future. Crypto needs successful "applications" in the most general sense, but to think they're going to be similar to legacy tech's apps is a false assumption. Consider (as a more-or-less random example) Factom. Factom is working with the DHS and Gates Foundation to secure data. These projects aren't resulting in smart phone "dApps," but they are extremely effective applications of blockchain tech that are going to have massive impacts on the way that things get done by orgs and governments of all sizes. Infrastructure plays are the way to go atm. The "killer dApps" that everyone is thinking of will be one of the last pieces of the puzzle, and will fall into place only when all the other infrastructure elements are sufficiently built out. Those "killer dApps" will also be blockchain specific—things that couldn't previously have been accomplished without blockchain tech—not slower, less-user-friendly versions of legacy tech's killer apps. We have to understand crypto from the inside, on its own terms.

Alexander Escobell says:

I like the unscripted Lark best. Please do more of this stuff!

Mike De Masi says:

Also shows all the xrp fanboys on twitter are noobs holding bags of xrp they paid $3 for. Rekt

donnie darko says:

Not trying to shill a DApp: But dav network seems awesome.

R B says:

Lark, love the videos. What you described here as far as people using without realizing, it's called Xrapid. I know, the banks stink. But XRP has the Utility section covered. Check.

samuel pearson says:

Most click bait cover picture ever 🤣

Sandun Chamara Fernando says:

yah we need more users.I'm from Sri Lanka.Its great to be in crypto space so early.Crypto to the moon.

justo salinas says:

thank you for sharing Lark. Very nice content.


The bull run will start January 23rd 2019!

Felix Lopez says:

My question is which is the best coin to use as daily payments? Is it DGB? Or Pundi X? Or maybe BAX? No sure, but I'm buying many of them

Brandy Wasay says:

"United we WHALE , Divided we fry."

There is no point in looking for buying opportunities in STOCKS , when the opportunity for a gain is very low and slow… all you need to do is buy Bitcoin and cryptos since the gain is many times over in just a year. GUARANTEED in 2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Hnx44-CaM The Big Short of 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTISmwk2xTo US Debt is a death spiral.

even Tone Vays says, "The best time to buy Bitcoin is always YESTERDAY." (if you are willing to hold for more than a year)

Fario Moj says:

Hi Lark,
can I ask you, how many Btc you have?
Best regards
from Berlin Germany

Gui says:

Dapp not invented. Use will come from gaming.

Keith Taubin says:

I was wondering if you would like to do an interview with a member of our organization that is working with merchants in LATAM now to create adoption? Mainly helping merchants that are either from Venezuela or in Colombia dealing with the exodus going on there. The website is http://www.criptoconserje.com and you can contact us through our Twitter link at the bottom of the website. Hope to hear from you Crypto Lark! 🙂
Great content that is needed to keep people informed and to show a level headedness when it comes to this space. Thank you.

dolo gore says:

I am a big fan of Chris Kitze and Flashcoin………..one of his philosophies is to use Flash as a semi bartering and swapping tool, look up his interviews with CryptoRich……..and Flash is up and running on Ios and Android……..I am developing use case ideas and one of them is this: how often do you lend tools or a book or anything and dont get them back…..and a Flash deposit is the answer, another use case would be tool sharing, you bring your drill and and receive an amount of Flash…..then your QR code is pasted to your drill to be hired out or sold with buy back…..another is Mason Jars.

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