What is Bitcoin and why is it important?

What is Bitcoin and why is it important?

AVTM #28 If Rothbard lived to see bitcoin
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Giovanni R says:

This video aged so well

A one legged man says:

i am from the future: if you had bought $10,000 worth of bitcoin when this video was made you would now have $90,000,000

Ryan Mcconnell says:

I watched this more than once in 2012 and didn't totally grasp it. Now with bitcoin at 4K I want to puke that I knew about it when it was $10. 😭

Chris Grant says:

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N8ivtek N8ivtek says:

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CaseyCJL says:

wtf is bitcoin…

Rob Pijnenburg says:

Help me coming back in te world bitcoinwallet


ProducerOM says:

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john wayne says:

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sergiu mitreanu says:

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theaubad100 says:

theres no laws or gdp behind bitcoin. so your retarded

Dean Daniel says:

dude… hes american. hes in good shape.
which pretty much means…
hes been a soldier.

Emperor Damskie says:

To kill bitcoin, means to kill the internet, well who knows maybe the Feds are planning to kill the internet just keep thier power. If the US dollar dies, well their are currencies that are more willing to take place …. heard of Chinese Yuan??

Anon ymous says:

Haha just googlated him and he was, Strange how ya can get soo good at judging people – not something I attribute to myself but to the human race – maybe its a self defense thing – we get good at profiling ppl real quick.

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