What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

CNN Money’s Zain Asher explains the concept of Bitcoin and if it’s the currency of our future.



Sananda Maitreya's Apparition says:

I think the Bitcoin system had chance to really change the current flow of the economic sector,which is contaminated to the point of utter uselessness,because of the 10% jewish major banking behemoths that control all of the worlds currency.Bitcoin could have been a superior vanguard. Up until the very Criminal enterprise,joined on and rerouted libertarian idealism.Β 

Martin Rayner says:

Not much of an explanation. I'd still like to know who comes up with the computational problems that the computers "mining" Bitcoins are supposedly working on and how that activity eventually gets translated into some quasi-currency. It's all quite mystifying.

ATLUTD_726 says:

I prefer dogecoin

BF3blog says:

I'm cashing out my bitcoin and buying Tulips. It's gonna be the next big thing.Β 

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