What is a Bitcoin ETF? Will BTC moon if CBOE ETF is approved by SEC?

What is a Bitcoin ETF? Will BTC moon if CBOE ETF is approved by SEC?

Do you think the SEC will approve the new CBOE BTC ETF application? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jason Carr says:

Thumbs up purely for the use of the words "ameliorate" and "assuage" which I had to look up!
Thanks Professor Trades! 👍😁

Rabie Alkamouchi says:

Wat whil heppen to altcoins if ETF release I m ol in zcash

White Shadow Wedding Films says:

Full of great info man. Keep up the good work.

Peter Petrov says:

Bitcoin ETF is not needed! Bitcoin should continue to be an unregulated market. The simple reason why is because the regulations are in the Bitcoin protocol itself. It is regulated by math. That's why it works! The SEC, CFTC, CBOE and all the other letters from the alphabet don't understand Bitcoin, don't want Bitcoin to succeed, don't actually buy Bitcoin, and don't have our well deserved cash. They NEVER HAD THE CASH! Haven't they done enough damage "regulating" the fiat system already?!

Jake Hunter says:

Can put the rocket ships and space suits away from now. We ain't going to MOON just yet. #JakeHunter88

francis james says:

I'll take enigmatic turtle farmers for 100 please, Alex…. 😉 (BTW, very stylish shirt there Elliot)

Paul Rouleau says:

Extreme turtleneck fashion can't help the price of Bitcoin? I never should have invested!

Blockchain Bulls says:

How do you still only have 12k subs! Love me some e-trades

Психология отношений says:

Forget everything that occurred earlier! Here now there will be a real BOMB – there is a free distribution of ODYSSEY coins on http://www.airdropnews.ru/ocn-token

Jak Aciman says:

Finally they will approve,but when?

Batman says:

I’m Batman….. And Satoshi

Natalie Cooksammy says:

Excellent. Thank you. It was very informative

22utoo says:

Enjoyed your video but it would be wise to reconsider your youtube channel name, no one likes FUD so watching FUD TV sounds counterintuitive. Besides, you are giving good information with nothing to do with FUD. 😉

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