What Crypto I Just Bought! (Spoiler: Not Bitcoin)

What Crypto I Just Bought! (Spoiler: Not Bitcoin)

What Crypto Coins I Just Bought! (Spoiler: Not Bitcoin)

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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Crypto Daily says:

This was the intro beat Satoshi absolutely slayed: https://youtu.be/EGWc9_FUMFQ

Tom Preston says:

Double bottom?

Quasar Code says:


Buddy Friend says:

Nano coin ?

Hail Kira says:

Im hodling litecoin and ravencoin.

A. X. says:

Not a #TRON investor, but the 'Cult of Sun' cannot (responsibly) remain ignored. Conversely 'God-Boy' centralization cannot (responsibly) be supported. Nevertheless, I chose #TRON as your addition since you've already incested, i mean, invested in #EOS and #ETH which are imho, best in show. Rock on #CryptoDaily — We love you Dawg.

James Stevens says:

GreenMed GRMD

Bass92Nl says:

what about WAX

Louis Friel says:

Walton Chain

YouareIandIAMYou says:

If I were you then I would stream my videos on bit.tube and add TUBE to my list.
I actually did it 🙂

Izzy Wizzy says:

if there is going to be another run you should definitely add chainlink, holochain and iexec.

Ronnie Franco says:

Icon, digibyte, ltc

the nforcer says:

Really diggin' Satoshi's new rap career.

Luke Makajak says:

Add $Ceek a Virtual Reality mega house that just launched masternodes for large hodlers. The only coin with a live product about to have token integration by Q1. They have partnerships with Tmobile, Baptist Health, Universal Music Group and dozens of other huge companies. One of few low cap gems just waiting for a real world use case, which would be used for purchasing content/items (physical and digital products) within VR. Oculus (Facebook) purchased during the private sale. Also I would buy LTC since Charlie Lee just tweeted they are working to test implementing Mimblewimble (Beams) protocol. Maybe even Beam and Grin when they dip. Further there is an LTC halvening coming up in about 10 months. Finally, Bitcoin because its Bitcoin (not saying go all out because we could go lower.) But Richard Heart's Bitcoin Hex is coming soon too. So the more Bitcoin u have before the snapshot the more BTC hex u get for free. (Who doesn't like free money?) 😉

Art Greg says:


Princess Abbey says:

I want to start trading but not sure what platform is best, any recommendations?

1manuscriptman says:

In the next year or two, most of the Altcoins will be gone. It is likely that Bitcoin will go to zero too. Cryptos have no real purpose,.

Jönni Heinistö says:

Your memes are tight as steel.

asdrt asdi says:

Ada will go to zero.

Alex DeKeyser says:

Check out this new app.
It uses blockchain technology and will soon be rewarding members with a cryptocurrency loyalty program.

Einewton says:

I would add x42 for its fundamentals.

hello says:

XRP, ADA, XLM, no Brainer

Jeremy Wightman says:

No LTC??? That's odd

St_710 says:

but on a pull back

layne LG8 says:

You are going to get killed man don't buy before 1000

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