We’re Being Manipulated – The Bitcoin Price

We’re Being Manipulated – The Bitcoin Price

We’re Being Manipulated

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rai swarnim says:

We going to the moon

Christopher J. Kramer says:

Keep it up you are awesome! Loving your vids as usual

Joakim Holmer says:

Mindblowing cool background (always exciting) today unreal. Where is that? -cheers.

Mark P says:

"Manipulated"?!?!?! Why does everyone always just assume that the rich and powerful get together behind closed doors to conspire to run things to their own advantage?

Djordje Bogosavljevic says:

One question.everyone on media say that bitcoin as asset has a store value, and nobody is explaning what is the storevalue of bitcoin? Trading on hope… would like to get some explanation 😊

Crowquills Crowquillz says:

but…. but…… Donald John Trump was not supposed to be president, dont you people understand how he changed everything that was planned but the nwo are still pushing through with their plan and will fail. Factor all this in.

Edward Chang says:

You and the bitcoin price were being manipulated at 20k. Right now is the reality of the simple fact of it's true value.

Mr Overkillcoin says:

I missed applying to the meme review? When's the next one? πŸ™

Cesar Rivas says:

Caressing left click while gently placing the cursor on thumbs up

Ndips Mjekula says:

You're funny and you speak sense. New subscriber here

Ferenc Matyas says:

what happened to your 2nd channel?

David Rodgers says:

love all your vids but including "the goggles they do nothing" from simpsons…..fabulous

roman hall says:

Trading is for gambling autistics

HULK likes green charts says:

Its gonna crash hard. Very very hard

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