Top Reasons for Bitcoin MASS Adoption! Bullish Signs for BTC – Bitcoin News

Top Reasons for Bitcoin MASS Adoption! Bullish Signs for BTC – Bitcoin News

Despite the market going sideways, adoption is still improving. Mattie will take a look at the most recent developments for bitcoin and crypto as well as blockchain.
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Cadence Faulkner says:

A slow but steady increase is probably the healthiest thing that can happen to the crypto market. A store of value needs less volatility. If prices rise faster it could happen due to inflation or due to a recession. But if the recession happens faster then acceptance of BTC as a haven it can also turn south. It needs a better or similar acceptance than Gold. So far we are not there. So let’s hope that global politics don’t run out of ideas to keep the system working for a few more years, I have made 7Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 2.1Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact on other less seasoned traders. Gomez can be contacted by Mail: “<trade.lima09@gmailcom> to find out more about how you can start trading and win

Bill says:

Wez Jeff???

Brandy Wasay says:

France is going to block crypto, so there will be no mass adoption.
This will be followed by all countries in the world.


great video 😍😍.
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paul1mdrn says:

Expensive, slow, complicated, it's still not ready for mass adoption.

BearishOnXRP says:

Bitcoin to 100k and beyond by eoy!

Надія Попазова says:

Who did not manage to buy GRAM coins from Telegram in spring, I advise now not to be slow on doing this, purchases on the open ICO round is the last opportunity

Jorn Verschoor says:

Bitcoin will NEVER FULLY replace Fiat. Don`t count on it.

Crypto Ninja says:

Bitcoin is not capable of mass adoption as it does not function as it should. Do some research you newbie, if you knew anything about Blockchain tech, you would have put the word XRP or Cardano in your title and not a shit, slow, useless and expensive coin like Bitcoin.

sa ta says:

first good video

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