Tony Robbins & Is Bitcoin & Crypto The Best Investment of 2019?

Tony Robbins & Is Bitcoin & Crypto The Best Investment of 2019?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may be one of the best performing assets of the coming year. Especially as traditional markets struggle. Is Tony Robbins’ tweet about Bitcoin a coincidence or well timed?



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The Crypto Lark says:



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Andre de Jong says:

Happy new year for everyone, 2019 wil be a very interseting year for crypto currencies as a whole, but especially for Cardano, Apollo, BABB, U Network and Electra, because these project are very ambitiose with great features, great teams and of course wonderful communities behind them. M price predictions for my favorite projects eoy 2019
Cardano 3$ to 4$ – Apollo, BABB and U Network 0.75$ to 1$ – Electra 0.30% to 0.50$

Apollo, BABB and U Network 0.75$ or 1$

Peter Jenner says:

Not a Robbins fan myself but I do think we need people like him plus the release of Bakkt and the ETFs as triggers for mass adoption.

robert tuzzolo says:

The whales telling government to spread FUD so they can buy everything cheap

The Real Piccolo says:

We ALL NEED TO BUY Let's jumpstart this ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ“ˆ

Lex Fur says:

Omg I feel like plankton ๐Ÿ™ I am nothing in the spec of greater things . I hope 2019 can turn me into a solid fish.

Naha Ktam says:

Happy New Year Lark! Cool shirt too mate! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thomas S. says:

No coincidence. We are on the precipice of adoption. A transition phase where more and more people talk about it and as they talk about it they get to know the characteristics and advantages about being your own bank. As Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, and investment firms keep racking up bad press the cryptos keep looking that much better. Just recently millions of viewers were exposed to Litecoin at UFC 232 when Bruce Buffer announced in the ring "LITECOIN! THE OFFICIAL CRYPTOCURRENCY OF THE UFC!!!" Along with the LTC logo . . . if that's not a step toward crypto awareness then I don't know what is.

Traderdude says:

CARDANOOOOOOO FOREVER! Charles we love your Hard work!

Dave Dawson says:

JBP shared an article on BTC from his FB yesterday too.

Ju Ju says:

Thanks for bringing back THE INTRO on the last day of 2018 Lark. PEACE

Tony Corocher says:

You are a good man Lark ๐Ÿ˜‰! Straight and clear ideas… personally I agree with everything you said and keep adding little bits of cryptoโ€™s to my portfolio every time I can. Keep up the good work and keep spreading correct ideas!!!

Healthy Recipe Channel says:

WAX coin huge amounts of transactions daily being used in the sale and exchange of digital assets. They are creating an echo system around the gaming industry and already own the biggest video game skin exchange in the world (Opskins).

Gunthernow says:

You just pretty much stole Bitcoin Seoul's video verbatim from a few days ago that I watched and follow. He said in the exact words that you just used that, "…people are going to still want to invest in something." Maybe you should give him some credit Lark?

Spiro Xenos says:

Happy new year all the best brother ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

willempjebelgie says:

Happy New year Lark can you do a video of the biggest otc desks thanks.

David Webb says:

Gold and silver cold be the one, in a major crash. Once all the silver and gold has been bought up, what then? Bitcoin as shore as Granny stew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam sam says:

You are awesome man making videos while many Youtubers are long gone! Best wishes for you in 2019.

Eat Sleep Guitar says:

This is huge….. He is not a man who 'chances' promoting something unless his heart is in it.

Cryptocoin Kiwi says:

$75,000 EOY prediciton ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

VentionMGTOW says:

LOL! 15:56
That pause filled me with anticip. . . pation.
Not implying that you're anything other than heterosexual though.

SPLNTY says:

What's your thoughts on an NZDT stablecoin?

Ron Maman says:

Lark Iโ€™m a bit confused…. you keep warning of utility tokens but I believe the only way crypto will organically grow is through …mass adoption…. ie usage…ie using the utility tokens….and as these companies grow and their eco systems the coins will grow in value…. obviously the good projects ones… anyhow that is my 2 Satoshi :-))))). Have a good 2019 :-))

FAB-IT Solutionsโ„ข says:

BTC transfers from Coinbase is now as fast as fastest alt-coins! Literally seconds…

htcsn2 says:

Any spare money in my bank account is transferred onto crypto.

VentionMGTOW says:

Exactly as I think. The crypto market has either bottomed or it's close to it while the stock market has only begun to drop. People remember 2008 so moving out of stocks and into crypto, and precious metals, is likely to become quite popular.
It may take till summer before it starts to become a serious thing though. Till then I'll continue to buy btc every payday.

Vishal Bhalla says:

ICON (ICX) babyyyyy

Tony Talon says:

"bitcoin whales…that rare rare species of mammal out there floating around with big bellies full of bitcoin."…that and the betta shirt…genius, poetry…. please sir, link for that shirt!!

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