Time to Buy the Bitcoin Dip?

Time to Buy the Bitcoin Dip?

In this video we will be discussing how much lower we can expect Bitcoin to go and what this means for you. We take a look at the question ‘Will Lightning Make Alts Redundant?’, and something else I can’t really remember what.

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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Crypto Daily says:

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Smithy5000 says:

Or join a community to help oyu grow https://bit.ly/2G6fcZi

Hebert says:

Short the ponzi for financial freedom!

Will Ross says:

I was waiting for that ADA hit that whole time. Worth the wait, felt good. Off to buy some more

Jonathan L says:

Keep buying until we hit zero!

luisssmo says:

DCA all weeks 100 bucks,
for the next year at least

NDP Films says:

My goal is to one day use ADA as ADA and not think to turn it into Fiat. Everyone is missing the point. You buy your crypto to use as crypto. Why TF will you want to turn it into Fiat? The best days are ahead of us. Hodl tight!

Austin THC says:

who controls the market for bitcoin?

Rinat Valiev says:

In the end, what will be the bottom for bitcoin? What it will be able to sustain and where at this moment to invest?

Rambo says:

i think you get smarter/more informal with each video. This will help with next bull run sir.

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