This is the next level to watch as bitcoin falls below $5K

This is the next level to watch as bitcoin falls below $5K

Bitcoin hits a 13-month low. What can save bitcoin? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.

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angela stone says:

I used to think i could only earn by HODLing , but Mr Humphery has thought me within the last 3 months how to earn using his Investment Policy.

Diego Blas Pettersen says:

If this motherfuckers of cnbc say it will get worse its a clear indicator to buy

Tyrannical Grim says:

This Asian reporter kinda looks like my neighbor but better!!

Boris RC says:

Bitcoin is a done deal. If you didn't get early and got out when the price was 11k+, you are too late.

Tony From Syracuse says:

I have to admit I knew nothing about bitcoin but like alot of people when it started to rise I thought what the hell so I just opened a coinbase account and bought 1500 dollars of bitcoins. so of course with my luck it started tanking. but I thought if you bought bitcoins and it was rising the bitcoins I owned would be worth more …but…. thought even if it tanked…I wouldnt lose the 1500 dollars worth of bitcoins I bought. so imagine my surprise when I saw my account slowly decrease from 1500 downwards…and downwards. so I'm not really sure why I was wrong. I thought if I bought 1500 worth of bitcoins I would always at least have the 1500. I guess I was wrong?

jokr4mlite says:

Thumbs πŸ‘‡

jokr4mlite says:

Lol whenever cnbc predicts going down. Btc goes up. Bunch of jokers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Cristian Batelli says:

sell or lose everything!

bangem andleavem says:

keep buying all the dips you imbeciles. see ya <<<<1000 bet on it

bangem andleavem says:

Brian Kelly is an a$$hole. Tossup betwee him and his girl Lee who is the bigger one

lotto says:

The market is going to skyrocket in December. Buy now. Everything is at a discount.

JiveLive2G says:

Bitcoin is going to zero. Get out while you still can!

Benji's Boxing Channel says:

Always do/expect the opposite of what cnbc say…

Ethan Michell says:

when the average people cower in fear the whales buy in — it goes against human psychology.
XRP my friends. see who took the #2 spot from Eth. whho is strongest. which has utility.

Mike Diggler says:

Short term drop off long term cliff dive

Nicolas Asberry says:

yakky yak, dont delete that

carlos colbert says:

It’s a scam And the people who started it are cashing out


I love it. Capitulation is coming and the hodlers of the last resort will reap the benefits in the next bull run in 3 years

cis co says:

Great, so these are the Crypto Mongols whom helped Bitcoin raising to 20k Dec. 2018, and they do not seems that pro. anymore
And the Asian lady must be Charly Lee, Bobby Lee sister…
you guys might face tribunals for helping manipulating prices, market and public opinion… time will tell

Sajid Murtaza says:

SELL OFF – BCH SV AND BCH ABC and reinvest in BTC!

tribalypredisposed says:

No inherent value and now speculators are finally realizing that making yet another crypto currency is just a matter of a bit of code splitting an existing one into two, or three, or fifty. This is just a speculative bubble, thankfully, because it is one wasting a huge amount of electricity when we need to be reducing our usage instead. The Tulip craze was more rational than this.

RedDysfunctional says:

Dont worry guys, $500 is next! πŸ™‚

adub4ever says:

Ron Paul fans finally realizing they’ve devoted the last 3 years to fiat currency.

2fer one says:

Whenever Melissa says "bitcoin" I'm always reminded of better days.

Probably has nothing to do with bitcoin, apparently I'm ok with it.

The List says:

11/22 bottom around mid 3's is what my gut tells me.

Moonshot to nwo cashless society from there.

Tough to find out when everyone is Zionist sellout.

Han Bulban says:

It’s over for Bitcoin it will go to $800

Filip Filipovic says:

Gold and Silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yimeksmex says:

Whatever cnbc say do the opposite. Mainstream media is financed by the same whales that pump and dump on you. They got
No clue.

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