This is the Calm Before the Bitcoin Storm

This is the Calm Before the Bitcoin Storm

πŸ’™ This is the Calm Before the Bitcoin Storm

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dajosova says:

Mastercard patent is not for bitcoin but cryptocurrencies in general within a blockchain!

Ben Valkyrie says:

Humor and insight. Love your work.

pc Juggalo says:

So calm be ready for massive drop lol i dunno.

Meh says:

1000 years of sideways!

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samer hasrat says:

Let’s hope madafaka

The queen of psakidity says:

Jaaaames at the water cooler!!

advanced racer says:

Bitcoin just went down even more lmfao

rossconuts says:

Replacing my coins? You mean getting new bitcoins but the same amount? Just to make sure they’re fresh? What he he’ll are you talking about?

Agartha Asgard[HODL] says:

Crypto Daily is this your first bear market? You said u have never seen this before… This is not the first time we have a bear market for years.

Pal Rugka says:

Be sure to accumulate as much SiaCoin as you can before the bulls come.

Matze says:

U destroy the equilibrium with ur videos. xD Nev clip = market goes other way xD

NH Law says:

Most people forecast on Bitcoin future next potential. But I prefer to hunt for hidden gem like FTT (FarmaTrust) with actual use case, problem solving and value added Blockchain and AI technology which is able to save human life in pharmaceutical industry in combating fake medicines in global scale. Invest in solid, great potential growth technology. Low risk but high return for long term.

Sabi Csepregi says:

Good vid mate as usual. I think think recent calm and "stagnation" – while fu**ing frustrating – is really good for crypto long term. This remedies that much talked lack of stability. I too believe that something is brewing..

It might be my coffee


Wish ebay paypal or aliexpress start accepting crypto would be a major start…

Leo Carver says:

Your boy is hungry

William Sims says:

It’s beautiful

Viola Amanda says:

Mco visa card is here and working πŸ˜‰

zenigel says:

Yeah, unless the whales with the really large pockets don't come back…..We're staying right where we are.

Kenneth Jones says:

Bitcoin is in its death throws

Paul Moore says:

I'm not up on the world of high finance, but isn't fractional reserve banking the system that lets banks lend out $10 for every $1 that they have? Isn't this the sort of thing that destroys "currencies"?
I think I'll hold on to my silver a bit longer.

Tracy Grace says:

I don't trust Sony! They put cameras and microphones in all their appliances and electronics to spy on the public!!!

JumPerz 09 says:

you're awesome man keep it coming!! πŸ™‚

bitcoiNSA realzz says:

remember cheapest btc price always 4,6 months before halving and bull run starts 4,6 months after halving. Basic economics

bitcoiNSA realzz says:

4680/4780 up to 96 9900 then slow slow grind to 3100 bull run November 2020

Ife Awosika says:

Look who's back

Henry Tejeda says:

The violatility is down its over

Just MeMe says:

The next crypto rally (if there is one) will be a "flight-to-safety" theme, from unstable currencies around the world. I suspect the eruption will begin in South America.
Coins like Dash, Nano, Electroneum, and DigiByte are already pre-positioning themselves for the event. China controls Bitcoin. We must move away from BTC pairings.

Adam Platell says:

Bitcoin incognito!!!!

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