The Bitcoin “Safe Haven” Theory…

The Bitcoin “Safe Haven” Theory…

The Largest & Most Popular Crypto Casino –
The Bitcoin “Safe Haven” Theory…

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New Tron says:

HAHAHA. I was watching the branch coming closer and I thought…How cool would it be if hits you…..and than I was shocked when it did for a second or two. Love you man! Made my day.

logos says:

I'm from Australia and my girlfriend watches you…but that's only because I force her to!

cody miller says:

What species is that bonsai?

Mantap 100 says:

5:28 greget tu orang

Mantap 100 says:

2:42 wkwkwkw

TheSaltyJ says:

I am probably the only dude from switzerland pumpin' your view numbers from there!!

Leon Roode says:

Brilliant so glad you added in the branch hit at 2:40

Asher Mackey says:

Thats great I was looking at that tree branch thinking "i wonder if that would hit him in the head if he was really there" and you totally played it.

otis says:

That was awesome ending. Lol

SBN says:


Can Do Cage says:

Shocked to see the highest female percentage was from India. Impressed!

bobn jeff says:

4:56 *in soulja boy voice* tron? tron? the nibbas that announce announcements? the nibba that tried to use bittorent but bittorent used them? eos in a wheelchair? tron? yall nibbas better stop playing with me

Spare Time says:

I'm from Australia, and I make my wife watch you, when we're in bed. So that's one for sure

Squidlings says:

You did the head bump on the branch! Sir you are a Gentleman. Haircut looks top. Wear it like a boss.

SiReVeNtioN says:


JumPerz 09 says:

abrupt!! haha

Tyler Maugle says:

I'm from Australia and while I'm a male by birth I identify as a women, on Saturday nights, in fishnet stockings, just trying to make a dollar… So there on Saturday nights u have a cross dressing, gender confused not scientifically proven female from Australia.. #Winning

Tyler Maugle says:


Fabian Culot says:

The 23,583 minutes for Belgium are mine! I keep watching your video in a loop… Daily! :-))

Andrea Detchon says:

I'm a female in the UK. Watching. ๐Ÿ˜

David Sutherland says:

Don't say dammit. Think of the child investors. Think hard.

rizwan ali says:

Bro plz do a vedio on

Will Christov says:

I'm a English male who identifies as an Australian woman, does that count? haha

Truth Monster says:

mee no teenks u teenks this is the best money on the planet, for some reason. or other

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

Bitcoin also flat lined…. VERTICALLY lol

Diddy Wheldon says:

Female from the UK checking in !

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