The Absolute State of Bitcoin – Crypto Daily

The Absolute State of Bitcoin – Crypto Daily

The Current State of Bitcoin

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Crypto Daily says:

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kikin310 says:

for some reason your video about this saved crypto is unavailable. just to say i enjoy watching your videos

Sinisa Devcic says:

How come i cant watch anymore your content ???

Jönni Heinistö says:

More Lorenzo!

Jönni Heinistö says:

Dont show that catapult again. You make me afraid of the market when you do that. Not noice 🙁 🙁 🙁

busymountain says:

Keep Lorenzo. He works for cheap.

Jason Voorhees says:

I hate hearing all the BULL MARKET BS….I WASNT READY!!!!! GAWWWWWW

Truth Monster says:

he was having too much fun laughing at hodlers, he misses it, I don't think he's on board with the new money

Robert says:

Keep the feline instead

Artem Artemchuk says:

Wed video was fun=)))

wickedgoodtrader joe says:

The Mt. Gox delay isn't good for BTC. Just delaying the inevitably and actually helping those people by forcing them to HODL.

dorina borcsok says:

you guys heard about this apollo apl thingy that is taking over the world, they turning poor countries into not so poor fanies, they found a way to sort this better go get some xx

Matt says:

3:14 “There is a thing called gravity.” Uh, no there’s not. It’s called “buoyancy and density.” Earth is flat pal. Do your research.

Afro PS says:

3:26 holy shit that breaks teeth and face bones

wterwt werewrewr says:

– look at that cute mofo , slap the alergy out of that bitch

Jason Lucas says:

Gravity is A THEORY.

All In says:

Keep the cat or wife? 🤔🤔🤔

Ed L says:

The Question for you now is: Are you Questioning your YouTube career anymore? ( Insert evil laugh here…)

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