Something Big Is Happening on Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Cash News Merry Bitmas Edition

Something Big Is Happening on Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Cash News Merry Bitmas Edition

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Thanks to special guest Komugi Yamazaki
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Full Show Notes

►CASH DANCE | Showcasing Bitcoin Cash Development
Cash.Coin.Dance/development is now showcasing the ongoing development from The Bitcoin Cash Developer community.


►OPEN SWAP | A Fork of Electron Cash Atomic Swaps on BCH
The software was designed by Mark Lundeberg to follow the model of a decentralized exchange, in the sense that it could be used by any capable liquidity provider to provide exchange services.


►ELECTRON CASH | Android Wallet now Available
A “Next Generation” Electron Cash wallet has been released for Android, currently available as Beta Release.


►IPFS | Inter-Planetary File System Coming to Bitcoin Cash
Bchd developer Chris Pacia has published a post explaining a new bi-directional payment channel protocol for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.


►NUTRINO WALLET | New Privacy Wallet for Bitcoin Cash
The Neutrino walled is intended to be a lightweight wallet with enhanced privacy features, focussing on strong network-level privacy.


►COINBASE | Adds Direct Crypto Conversion
Coinbase has rolled out a new feature called Convert, which allows customers to convert one cryptocurrency into another.


►AVALANCHE | Zero-confirmation Transactions and a New Pre-consensus for BCH


►ORACLE.BITCOIN.COM | World’s First Oracles for Smart Contracts on the BCH Blockchain.
The Oracle will provide tools that can monitor personal goals, track sports results, monitor exchange rates, record social media platforms, and monitor news.
You can sign up for the oracle newsletter if you would like to get in on beta access when the code is available.


►AIRDROP VENEZUELA | Surpasses 125K in BCH Donations
Total Bitcoin Cash donations have surpassed $135,000 USD (670 BCH)


► CASHY | A Toolbox for Programming Bitcoin Cash Script
Simple Ledger has created a simple toolbox for creating custom script in Bitcoin Cash


► BITCOINCASH.ORG | New Look and Updated Content
The site has been updated to host new products and services on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.


►CASH DEV | BCH Developer Community on Discord
Join over 325 members in the Bitcoin Cash Developer community on Dischord.


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Keshav Ram Narla says:

We should do a drive for contributions to eatBCH as well, they been with us for a while

Константин Карпов says:

I suggest you buy a brand: name and corporate identity for the blockchain project

Major REX says:

I feel sorry for her getting interrogated like that. But the new features on BCH sound very interesting.

Oak101 says:

What is BCash going to do when the block size is too large so it becomes centralised?

Oak101 says:

What is the point of having her on?

Simon Agnolet says:

Spero falliscano

Feed says:

1 BCH for that cake

Rico Xavier says:

Roger you horny beast, please get a new mic for Christmas. I recommend the Samson go Mic as you're always travelling

raymond nichols says:

Roger and his new sock puppets. Why would anyone buy bootleg BTC when they can buy the real thing. I buy with BTC all the time and I also have plenty of bch with the split. No one accepts bch..I need to convert my bch to Bitcoin to buy things. I keep Roger talk about bch being widespread but I think he's just trying to get people to buy it. It would benefit me if both BTC and BCH go up, but I think there is too much hate toward bch for it to become widespread. If BTC fails I think LTC, DGB, or Nano will become the worldwide digital currency.

Ant C says:

Ill keep watching if that girl is there is she single?

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