SIMPLE समाचार: What is Bitcoin?

SIMPLE समाचार: What is Bitcoin?

In this segment of SIMPLE समाचार, we explain all about the Bitcoin. For the first time in history, the cryptocurrency surpassed an evaluation of $11,000. There is a mystery surrounding the creation of the digital currency. There are speculations that the digital currency was created using a computer network by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, till date identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has not been revealed. People have started purchasing Bitcoin in India but the Reserve Bank of India has not approved the cryptocurrency yet.

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[…] More via SIMPLE समाचार: What is Bitcoin? by Evelyn […]

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Jit Kumar Khuraijam says:

ye news reader ka naam kya hain?

Charlie Lee says:

Litecoin just got listed on Google as worlds currency great news.

Sandeep Jamwal says:

Incomplete knowledge
Anchor doesn't even know the price of Bitcoin @Dec17

Dharmendra Sharma says:

NDTV News is the full Pakistan news channel, these chit people only give false information only to the public

Vishal Gaurav says:

sala media sabse hosiyar hona chaiye kisi country ka yaha toh wahi bewkoof he, news banana sikho pahle sahi bolke kuch b mat bola karo

Vishal Gaurav says:

chitiye sahi se news bana sab achhese padh ke

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