Roger Ver on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: How Bitcoin ABC Won The Hash War

Roger Ver on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: How Bitcoin ABC Won The Hash War

Roger Ver, CEO of weighs in on the bitcoin cash hard fork/upgrade that took place recently where Bitcoin ABC protocol won out through having the majority hash rate.

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Jason Lucas says:

Thank you Roger.

Angus Giorgi says:

Wow this guy is a complete narcissist.

Young Lee says:

Thank you for crashing the entire market. I will buy more Bitcoin at a great discount, not Bitcoin Cash.

devlogs says:

This is so pretentious. Roger asks not to be disturbed yet he constantly attacks BTC. If you don't like BTC, don't use it. πŸ˜› Your words man.

laizess faire says:

BCH had a good progress in the last year and attracted a lot of new entrepreneurs. Despite censorship and bad press, BCH was on the way to the crypto- forefront. Outstanding performance from the entire Bitcoin Cash Team, led by, the ABC Team and a lot of creative freelancer – But since this megalomaniac politician starts to blurting out completely unrealistic promises like " BCH will be the unique world money, if we only raise the Block-size 128MB and everyone do what I say" Of course, this politician found enough idiots within the BCH-community who thought, next year we will be rich, if we follow this politician to war to eliminate people this politician dont like !! And now BCH is actually at war with itself. A lose lose situation. If anyone had told me that before, I would have laughed, but it is indeed true…

Herbal Lifestyle says:

You are speaking nothing but billionair poop. Both Bitcoin cash ABC/SV are trash! trash trash trash. Go fall into a land fill and quit polluting our waters. Bitcoin cash is nothing but a billionair ego/power trip that is being used as a distraction of a much larger problem of minipulation. Do not fall for this distraction it is all planed out for larger players like bank and gov. They are doing this to scare people away to take controll and to get into crypto at a lower cost the retail invester. Try to keep a clear mind and think forward stay strong! Digital currency is the future BTC is here to stay!

wintercheese says:

Were rooting for XRP. Way cheaper /faster / way more transactions a sec no FORKS and energy consuming mining

ISAhub says:

Two megalomaniacs running the crypto ecosystem to the ground….
…. what an achievement… you have lost all credibility!!!
Dumping ALL Bcash ABC and SV the first chance I get!!!

2143 says:

how can I get my SV split ?

Mitchell T says:

Dishonest, no one is upset you "have more hashrate", they are upset you are stealing hash from your BTC mining customers to vote for ABC and claim the theft shows support for ABC. I 100% refuse to believe you don't understand this, so you're being dishonest.

The like/dislike ratio explains how people view your explanations. We aren't stupid. I used to respect, now I don't even want to give you my time when I keep hearing how you're sidestepping everything and then claiming you've "won", without any reason why you think its over.

D3Barbaari says:

Roger you know the more resistance BCH gets the more you know it is on the right path doing right things. I've also a question. Has BCH plans to be untraceable by the anti-freedom and anti-humanity spying company Chainalysis?

Dean Albertson says:

How about focusing on something important, like expanding the use and value of Bitcoin Cash. This internal fighting has destroyed faith in Crypto, and people have lost Billions of Dollars.

Ganuesthai says:

It seems that, for such a loser, the only ethically acceptable move of the winner is to have surrendered. SV wanted a hash war and that's exactly what they got. They don't like it because they lost the hash war proposed by themselves, nothing to do with rented hash power. I can only wish them good luck, and tell them goodbye. Just, please let us alone, and keep in peace.

K C says:

karma…what goes around come around

Ibby Boxer says:


Brandon Murray says:

I think soon people can stab you and craig wright with a fork. be careful we know you guys paid by wallstreet dinosaurs..

Rami Alaqrat says:

Roger is forger wright is bite
Hash bash hash bash
U r sick

Rami Alaqrat says:

Well go to hell
Hahaba hash bash

Adam Mour says:

Today I made a transaction with bitcoin. 5 hours and still no confirmation. Lightning shit show

Adam Mour says:

People always need to blame others because of there own losses. @rogerver please make bitcoin cash great again.

Francois Harris says:

I dont hold bitcoin cash, I sold all mine when they forked from bitcoin. I still have respect for Roger, he has done a lot for bitcoin, but more importantly, he has principles, and he sticks to them. I still believe the path that bitcoin is on is the correct path for me to support, and the path of bitcoin cash is not, but nothing should stop them from doing what they believe. Bitcoin SV guys have been big talk from the start, being arrogant, and antagonizing everyone. They attacked Bitcoin Cash instead of trying to create their own fork with replay protection, and have been threatening to everyone who does not fall in line under their dictatorship. They got their asses handed to them as soon as the fork happened, and rightly so. They cannot come and cry now about hash rate, when from the start they claimed they would dominate and destroy. They were just bluffing, as has been shown by the hash wars. I believe BCH with Roger at least will continue to have the right values and moral compass, while bitcoin SV will get taught a lesson, they made too many rookie mistakes. For them to still believe Craig is Satoshi is a joke. He has not fulfilled any of his claims and promises so far, and has let his ego run wild. While I dont believe in the same path as Roger, he has remained calm and humble, and stuck to the plan of what he believes bitcoin to be from the start.

Frank Inglis says:

Roger you need to learn when to shut up – I supported you right up until you accused me of supporting SV because I still support core! It isn't a competition if it is you have ensured Fiat will win.

Rammsteincho says:

>Why are these people who hate bitcoin cash loving SV?
It's simple – because CSW himself agreed to an interview with Tone Vays where he begged everyone who hates p2p electronic cash to join their pool. It's really not a secret.

juutuubi11 says:

They have not won anything yet!

Ruhi Jaiswal says:

Lol , entire Bcash community and Bitcoin community hates you. Your time to cry.

D says:

Thx for killing crypto

Boogers Guy says:

Where's my best drinkin buddy Corbin?

Karl says:

No matter how Bcash's hard fork plays out, rest assured that Roger Ver and Craig Wright will walk away unscathed. It's the people who were gullible enough to follow them that will get hurt.

Bronson Ryan says:

I was a big blocker 'til CSW and the rest of the BCH asshats made it apparent you're just an alt-coin looking to profit miners.
Rodger I think you're a douche, but you're a principled man and I respect that. Best wishes…. I sold off my $300 investment back in Sept, when I heard of this bs. CSW is a cunt

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