Roger Ver Keynote Presentation – CNBC Future of Money 2018

Roger Ver Keynote Presentation  – CNBC Future of Money 2018

Roger Ver was recently a special guest and keynote speaker at the Nikkei CNBC Future Of Money Event in Tokyo. This is his presentation on how Bitcoin Cash can bring economic freedom to the world and why it is so important.

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Spencer G says:

If Roger would just shut up and stop scamming people all the time, there would be more economic freedom and well being for the world. How many sheep who have listened to this clown in the last year GET absolutely OBLITERATED?

Brent Nally says:

Great speech Roger!

Lazzor !! says:

youre getting much better…..

theQiwiMan says:

Love you, Roger! Keep up the good work, you are truly a hero to many of us!

Bitcoin Pikin says:

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Notra Name' says:

what a joke

Nick Pop says:

Thanks Roger for everything you are doing.

Tronz Flowwi says:

BCH is the future.

SirBabyPork says:

Seemed like you were about to cry the whole time. It's okay, you can trade your ABC Turd Tokens for BSV on Poloniex.

1cculus says:

Complete garbage. Waste of human life. This snake needs to slither back under a rock. Btrash is a complete waste. It's not Bitcoin, except the name that it stole to try to propel itself.

scotty321 says:

Wish we could see the slides in this speech!

HorustheHorizon says:

i love roger, such a good person..

Colin Talks Crypto says:

Loved it! Awesome talk!!

Let Go Crypto Inc. says:

Roger Ver has grown on me. I'm getting to know him better now that I see him talking more. Before, I only knew him because of snippets and memes. I was wrong about him. I was really touched by this speech. To see him so passionate about helping poor people to the point to tears on stage really made me just really love this man. We will do our part to support Roger Ver and Bitcoin Cash on our platforms. I think there is room for more than one cryptocurrency. I've been watching BCH mature since it's creation in 8/2017 and believe Bitcoin Cash is a very viable cryptocurrency. Great job guys! Thanks!

Juris FOX says:

Thank You Roger!

Mordret poort says:

Roger Ver is a scammer, never trust this snake!

Marcel says:

Bitcoin Cash ABC is the real Bitcoin Cash… and Bitcoin (Core Version as Roger would say) is and will be the only real Bitcoin.

Thamir Ghaslan says:

Bitcoin Jesus!

laizess faire says:

Very good speech. Thank you Roger

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