Roger Ver Debates Charlie Lee (FULL DEBATE) – What is Bitcoin?

Roger Ver Debates Charlie Lee (FULL DEBATE) –  What is Bitcoin?

Charlie Lee engaged in a healthy debate with Roger Ver, CEO of at the recent cryptocurrency cruise. This is the whole debate.

The debate focused on all aspects of Bitcoin including How Bitcoin scales best, on-chain or through 2nd layer solutions such as the lightning network. What defines Bitcoin? What are Charlie lee’s motivations for being involved in cryptocurrencies and why did he start litecoin.

As always we love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments - Official Channel says:

Who do you think won the debate? What defines Bitcoin to you?

Lewis Bruce says:

"One vote per CPU"

I just wanted to mention that I am excited that ZCOIN still values this characteristic of Bitcoin and is planning to transition their mining to Merkle Tree Proofs (MTP) and return voting and mining power to CPUs.

TLS2SN says:

Roger, keep up with the argumentative ethics man. Not everyone gets it because all they want to see is confirmation bias, but you did a good job re-enforcing your conditions.

Buy Bitcoin Australia says:

Really impressed with both of you for keeping it civil. I think Charlie's chilled vibe helped alot in that respect. Still so much to learn and good arguments on both sides but for now, I am still convinced that Bitcoin is Bitcoin.

Crypto.Blockchain says:

Roger Ver You scared the Crap out of Charlie Lee HAHAHAHAHAHA

Crypto.Blockchain says:

Bitcoin will reach 17,000k on January 2019

Hawken Fox says:

Roger Ver needs to have more composure. His stance is that he must win. That stance is registered
as a lack of security. Insecurity makes a speaker difficult to agree with. This stance Roger need to work
on. If he is the spoke person for bitcoin cash he needs to get someone who know how to do PR properly.

Dise :37 says:

This entire BCH war campaign against bitcoin is pathetic.

aantomop says:

This video is hard to watch. Roger Ver is all crypto does not need right now or ever. Personal gains is what he is about. If he was able to actually talk about crypto whe would have had a great tall. Crypto is Bitcoin, crypto is Litecoin, crypto is Etheteum and yes even Dogecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. It's all of it and that's the beauty of it. Let everybody do what they like doing and respect eachother. We are all on the same path and it's to important for us all to make it work. Don't get fed up about a different project and put your energy towarda good things instead of bashing another. We don't need to bash Roger Ver for what he is and has done. We would better support our own projects and if Roger talks we listen out of respect while we can still have a different opinion. Roger should understand that his bashing will only hurt himself and makes him a low form of human being

Great Britain says:

A Charlie Lee win.

PJ Cornell says:

There are many, many coins that work better than bch as cash, e.g. litecoin, Monero, Stellar, dash, and many others. Btc's main use case now is as a stable hold of value. Bch cannot compete with btc's network, and can't compete with other alt coins as cash. Bch has no use case and is worthless. Roger ver's argument, even if correct, is irrelevant.

Rob White says:

Couldn't get past 8 minutes. Ver is being a combative douche. If you're going to have a debate you should have a moderator, otherwise this is just an hour and a half long argument.

Efraim A Gonçalves says:

So fucking hard to follow this with Roger interrupting Charlie every 10 seconds.

Nixon Rexzile says:

constantly attack and interruption on Chalie Lee got him so lost in track of conversation

V J says:

OK Ver but what if I came as a layman and said: "Hey I heard on TV about bitcoin. They said it was $6400 or something. I wanna buy one." And you said: "Sure I have one, it'll cost you $500." And I say: "What? I thought it was 6400." And you say: "This one's even better." And I say: "So, you screwed them over because they said only 21 million BTC would be made, while you found a way to manufacture another 21 million. Sweet." Wouldn't this indicate that there are 2 bitcoins, out of which one is mainstream and the second is Cash.


Roger Ver is an obnoxious asshole who lost all his credibility when he started to promote bcash

Daniel Saroori says:

…if only BCH had a less annoying advocate..!

Caligreen420 says:

Verr wins just cuz he didn’t pull a “Charlie DUMP Lee” and fcuk people over by selling all his LTC , Verr at least created a new fast coin that is worth way more than Charlie DUMP lee

Aron Bardocz says:

So according to Roger, there is no automobile industry anymore, as the original automoblies were totaly different from the ones today.
And probably an electronic car is not a car at all, as it's electronic, and has no engine in it… what a moron…. 😀

Cyber Kenobi says:

I can assure you Roger, the cost of a good matters a great deal to the person who created it. So arrogant.

Cyber Kenobi says:

Ver…he's BCash's own worst enemy. Regardless of which "bitcoin" serves the founding pillars of Bitcoin most, Bitcoin is Bitcoin, BCash is BCash. Ford surely marketed the model T as the fastest car, surely no one was allowed to call later variats as the Model T, despite being faster And I'm pretty sure Porsche is ok with that. Login is flawed. Ver is Bitcoins best marketer. You can argue which digital asset is best – (ahem…XRP, Bitcoin), but you can't rewrite history even if you wholeheartedly believe yours is the better widget.

Poopin Finoopin says:

Christ, Roger…because there are hops doesn't make it not peer-to-peer. By that definition, because of the network underpinning the Internet, nothing is peer-to-peer.

Poopin Finoopin says:

Ironic that part of the reason why Satoshi stayed anonymous was so that Bitcoin wouldn't become "centralized" on himself. But Roger is so doggedly focused on making everything centered on his interpretation of Satoshi's vision. As Roger quoted, Satoshi stated that increasing the block size as much as it needs to…would be the ultimate solution. That means if everything was aligned and would not cause issues it would be ideal. It doesn't mean Satoshi thought it must be the only scaling mechanism.

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David Szigeti says:

Nodes (non-producers) tried to drastically alter (seize) the Bitcoin network against the miners will (means of production)? And a key driver of BTC's value is the cost of production? Marxism is a cancer and it has spread to the limbs of libertarian movement. The balance of power in the long-term belongs to the miners (producers). I hope the lightning network works. Shame if all that user adoption momentum was lost for nothing. Raspberry Power.

Ashley Fulks says:

Trying to argue that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin by using a list of "Bitcoinness" is very confusing and misleading. It's like trying to tell a dog he is actually a wolf because of his "wolfyness". There has been 18,460 changes to the original bitcoin core code since first released on Github and 21,363 forks. Every single fork has started with a clone of bitcoin and no fork can be called Bitcoin! There is only one project that is has the name "Bitcoin" and thats the compiled code from the Bitcoin project on Github. Anything else is a fork and can of course have the name "Bitcoin" in it, but must identify it is a fork with some additions to the name; like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Cash.

Like Charlie Lee said, anyone who tries to confuse a fork with the real thing actually cause confusion and lost money! People are confused enough about Bitcoin, we don't need to further confuse them with website promoting a fork of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash:

Dave Auld says:

RV tries to win arguments through interruption and almost bully tactics. His emotions get in the way. He is not fit to run a bath never mind a cryptocurrency.

Electro Static says:

I would suggest GTA use Roger Ver as one of their dummy pedestrians walking the sidewalks.

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