Roger Ver and Engineers: The Difference Between Lightning Network and Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver and Engineers: The Difference Between Lightning Network and Bitcoin Cash

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harry1pupualii says:

Awesome info.πŸ”₯πŸ‘
Recording sound a bit low. thanks!

Boogers Guy says:

Where's my hash war drinkin buddy!

CoinSpice says:

Wow can't wait to send my friends 10 satoshi's through my custodial lightning bank, i heard it's unfairly cheap! Truly game-changing tech /s

glad mono says:

@Roger wakeup man!! can't you see the numbers on marketcap. Big hands already choose the lightning network instead of your useless coin BCHABC.. Numbers don't lie!!!! don't forget your coin BCHABC is below his introduction price and divide (lost) by 30x since last year. Litetcoin never go back below his introduction price that's show a stronger believe in this coin than yours… cheers see you at 5usd per BCH when BTC will reach 980 usd…..The end of those useless videos you are doing will come finally to an end. you can already start to look for an other useless coin to promote. By the way no worries BTC will end badly too….

Just-Wondering Around says:

Btc trolls coming in. Hahaha

Anonymous says:

I've recorded about 12 wins 1 loss in the past two weeks of trades…. Been a huge profit making with Kevin..

Cartosi says:

As soon as this video was published, I clicked on it, there was already more than two dislikes. Meaning people click the dislike button without even watching the video and ignore common sense. Brainwashing can be very powerfull, it’s sad.

Corbin Fraser says:

Gimme that gossip all day

Conner Brown says:

Lightning network is still faster and safer. Large blocks are an attack vector for nodes.

The market has decided roger. Lightning is not vaporware, it’s the secure solution to the scaling problem.

Tao Jones says:

Still working great.

weibing zhang says:


Greg Braxton says:

nice video. pros and cons of bitcoin are well discussed and help to make clear understanding . make $15,000 in 7 days or less bitcoincrashcourse @ gmail . com

BitcoinFever says:

LN is a Rube Goldberg machine and it's unneeded. For small payments CoinText works great.

bob ami says:

bitcoin started 10 years ago and the lightening network started over 5 years ago, still botch garbage, bch started a year ago . look at the accomplishments only a blind person would deny it.

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