Rocky Trend – And Not Just for Bitcoin

Rocky Trend – And Not Just for Bitcoin

Rocky Trend – And Not Just for Bitcoin

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Nicholas Live says:

11:50 That's me again πŸ˜€
If I kept you entertained all the way until 27:45 I would love for you to sub to me as well!
Thanks guys πŸ‘

ImPaulsive says:

End of video 11:57 XD

Death Disco says:

Cobinhood is a reputable exchange? Cough… cobinhood is an empty exchange that's for sure.

tubeneep says:

worst ICO preview ever

kevin kattau says:

This guy at end is horrible

Bitcoin Price says:

vechain just has to re-brand. problem solved

Bitcoin Price says:

binance is just floating transactions to induce local pump and dumps… its not illegal if the community do it for them

kikin310 says:

bch bsv same bad stuff, i changed my mind bsv is the worst of the two, faketoshi vision does not follow original vision and goes against all that cryptos stands for.

ifoundthistoday says:

what you are missing by skimming over the whole crypto thing is … Binance's business model to list a new coin that gain, like CELR something like 30% 0n 15 seconds then dumps or FET that gained something like 95% in about 20/30 seconds before dumping … I know some that profited close to $10k in those few seconds … but you won't find all this skimming your usual news sources, like your vids BTW

D-Sub says:

When I saw a 27 min Crypto Daily video I thought "I must be dreaming!" Turns out I was… πŸ˜›

kingo55 says:

Wow… first time you've been making sense re: alts and ppl smash the dislikes!

Great vid, though…

Aspect says:

fuck binance. Velic exchange has Initial Auction Offering so those who bid higher gets the tokens = A MUCH BETTER model.

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