Rick Falkvinge: BTC is NOT a Store of Value | Bitcoin.com Features

Rick Falkvinge: BTC is NOT a Store of Value | Bitcoin.com Features

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Rick explains why BTC is not a store of value and what the meaning of real store of value is. This is not what we envisioned in 2011 and the early years of Bitcoin.

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glad mono says:

BTC is not a store value then BCH is a trash bin…lost 30x in one year ahhh ahh…what's a joke…

Rabie Alkamouchi says:

Hold bitcoin 1 miloin 2020

Ant C says:

Rick is studying and copying Craig Wright.

tigerpark135 says:

BCH went up the same way at the same time Rick made this video. Speculation was EVERYWHERE not just BTC. What a stupid vid. Thumbs down!

Luigi Tecnologo says:

it applies to any cryptocurrency. The point is that math proven digital money are ruled by math and not weird government people

ur mom Da bomb says:

Fuuuuuuk broooooooooooooooooo……. you could do nothing and you would be helping increase adoption. Give it a rest for a few months yeah?

KellyO Neill says:

Ricks argument is mostly technical. He is correct of course. Even worse, BTC does not work for a more general use of the term "store of value" either. In the next bull run, BTC's blocks will fill up (looks like by about 10K this time) and the price will hit a ceiling while the other cryptos continue to rise. The massive effort by the troll army to keep up the wall of lies propping BTC up as if it were still a great coin will not be enough.
After it's false narrative collapses, it will still be a good coin even if the people of the world have to mostly use the other ones. Only coins that scale for worldwide use will be great coins that grow in value beyond belief. BTC was one of these coins before it was infiltrated and corrupted from the inside. People who now believe in BCH were the original BTC fans who built up the adoption and name recognition the BTC team now squanders.
Most BCH fans are very sad BTC was destroyed like this, but, we split off in the nick of time and have a road map leading to a peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world (like Bitcoin was always meant to be).
Standing up to the troll army is not easy or without risk, especially to businesses they will attack viciously. We know most people can't stand up for what's right yet, but, please keep an eye out for the time when you can speak freely without getting attacked by the army of paid social engineers (deceivers).

Jan Tu says:

the more you attack BTC .. the more BCHABC gonna go down…

Luis Miguel Rivera says:

I'd throw my money at BSV before Bitcoin Cash.

peter pan says:

its a growth story ,can be used for payments and to have ,better than the usd ,aud,yen ,euro and so on and better in a bank account where they charge montly fees

P Murphy says:

Total SCAM artists bullshit liar . I Just moved 10 authentic bitcoin for $1.75 and confirmed 6x in 8 mins.

Nivash Krishnan says:

I love Bch but don’t hate bitcoin cause bch is despend on bitcoin . If bitcoin fails then bitcoin cash too fail so understand it before talk like this . Bitcoin cash is useful for whose not afford to pay the transaction fee and who’s don’t want to waste time on transaction time

CoinSpice says:

Why is it the same BTC/LN trolls commenting every time on these videos and also on mine? Have they not got anything better to do or is this an organised attempt by government/banks to subvert the only working version of Bitcoin?

keep it real.. says:

Roger Ver you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book…DEVIDE AND CONQUER…thus you have played into the trap off those you profess to opose…so either your a fool or you just couldn't keep your ego in check..either way your a damaging force to the adoption of BTC..

Ute Ute says:

Bitcoin is not a sov or check point Charlie.

Ute Ute says:

Yes, bitcoin satoshi vision.

John B says:

What a SAD video. Sometimes desperation is just outright pathetic.

tony stark says:

Hes first point is a fail 40 fees it's. 27c so he's wrong the first thing he said …second point not a store of value well it clearly is being used for it. The volume and usage is record high so good to see your lying again ver have fun riding bcash to bottom we all know you own a million btrash and you have financial bias… bitcoin is the real bitcoin end of story

raymond nichols says:

Another day that almost every crypto is up..except bcash. Its about to fall to 8th place in crypto market cap. That will be a record move from 4th place to 8th within a few months. If it can move down that fast, how long will it take till bcash is no longer in the top 100?. Also when are you gonna wear your litecoin shirt Roger?

Brent Nally says:

BCH for the win!

Apex RayNow says:

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кот котов says:

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EVGENY says:

Metaverse (ETP) buy !

Эдиард Альперович says:

Many say that Telegram token will set up a new record for the biggest growth among all cryptocurrencies icorating.pro/gram-token

David S says:

putting all your live's savings into BTC in May 2011 doesn't make you a visionary or an authority on the subject matter.
it makes you a very lucky gambler at best.

Dave C says:

Wait isn't this the same clown that was predicting Bitcoin $5,000,000.

trapped cat says:

As much as I like the idea of using crypto as cash, its just not feasible for retail use in the US in light of current tax laws which consider all virtual currencies to be property subject to capital gains tax.

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