PROOF Bitcoin is headed for ANOTHER CRASH? Shocking prediction from Sr Bloomberg Crypto analyst!

PROOF Bitcoin is headed for ANOTHER CRASH? Shocking prediction from Sr Bloomberg Crypto analyst!

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Joseph DiIanni says:

This guy does not have a clue what he is talking about electric cars are not cost effect not even on any level!!

P Bowry says:

Dont you think it is very rude checking call when you have this very important speaker given you his free professional opinions?

TMI Fanboy says:

"Hello Elio" lol

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

No no no crash!…. is Called Elliot Wave which heading to wave 5, Then after bullrun.

WES says:

Great episode

Moss 86 says:

Congratulations about your channel, very informative and healthy for the community. Talking about contract swaps restrictions on Bitmex for you US citizens, check Bibox exchange with BTC and ETH trading. Its token is also very undervalued and will be top 5 exchange not late. Keep up the good work!

JJ Vargas says:

this mike guy sounds like he knows his stuff

hanspanzer says:

Bloomberg…nuff said

ewmism says:

Bloomberg??? Ahahaaa! ROFL !!

Sascha B says:

Guys wait until brexit 😘

Mascott Hayford says:

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P Bowry says:

Why worry if bitcoin drops another 25% for? Either way it's going up!

Donn says:

I think the bitcoin "bubble" phase is over for the "internet community" But alot of people who dont spend time on their computers and on internet other than social media, that is gonna be the next and final bubble.

Daniel Clark says:

None of them have to be in a building…when u have a computer at home……get with the Future…your home is your office

. Efficiency

Frederick Vesseur says:

We knew last year it's headed for $1000, soooo nothing has changed then?

americas fragile ego says:

This guy sounds like a lawyer complete bullshit artist. Hey you two own any gold or silver as a hedge? What are you hedging? The collapse of the metro dollar? What is the global financial reset? This guest sounds EXACTLY like my schister lawyer LOL. I want to buy his house with my UTILITY coins profits. What can you do with gold? Make a necklace!! lol. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble Your outlook is ass wipeable. Outlooks while volatility is permanent til total market is multi trillions. Forget these clickbait clowns and wait a few years. IF YOU HAVE TO.

chris andre says:

Ha ha ha etf for gold. They’re not buying gold. Thats the difference you buy BTC digitally. Yes its going to dump one more time

americas fragile ego says:

Power to the PEOPLE. Screw these establishment Fred Flinstones

chris andre says:

Sorry bruh we’ll be paying for shit in satoshis in trn years

sgc1987 says:

I think it is important to note that guys like this will never recognize the bottom. I've traded for over 20 years and these guys will just follow the trend until it kills them. Basically in march of 2009 , people like this was bearish, and kept on being bearish for a year waiting for the market to fall again. I think your community is much better served at looking at the larger picture. Is it really a wise choice to be in mostly cash when Crypto market has dropped 85%? Look at the risk/reward. It is skewed to buying even if the market falls more from here. The kind of traders you should have on the show are people who have been successful investing. These are guys who go counter trend to majority and especially against so called experts. These guys use logic and common sense which are missed by experts who look at every tick on the charts. I am a big fan of your show but the trading video's I believe do your fans a great disservice. Especially since they look up to you. All these guys will be tempted to be in mostly cash vs being majority invested. Crypto market will come back and trying to get a couple of more bitcoins by waiting for the market to fall another 40% is a dangerous and unwise strategy towards building wealth. I hope you consider these comments and make sure you use your influence wisely. Thanks.

The Crypto Lifestyle says:

SMH πŸ™„πŸ™„

Gabriel Jaramillo says:

The next decentralized coinbase

FermiGBM1 says:

The fudd…

480shenanigans says:

How can you compare 1 unit of bitcoin to 1 unit of gold? Theres infinite gold, and finite bitcoin with halvings every 4 years making it exponentially rarer. Dude needs to get a grip

johnny zoltan says:

Watched all shows with Mike. Everyone has been extremely interesting and full of knowledge. It's great to hear opinions that are at odds with the traditional Bitcoin community. Food for thought. Much appreciate the interviews. As well as FUD TV.

Max Rox says:


Nathan E says:

Really good video.


Zaza Pipe says:

Did you steal his wig ??!

Ben Maskowitz says:

a few nuggets of gold in this interview. thanks!

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