Merry Bitmas Edition! Spreading Bitcoin Cash Just Became Easier + Roger Ver’s Reveals Fight Ambition

Merry Bitmas Edition! Spreading Bitcoin Cash Just Became Easier + Roger Ver’s Reveals Fight Ambition

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Full Show Notes

► |’s New Smart Tip Generator has launched a new service that provides anyone with the ability to generate customized bitcoin cash (BCH) tips.


► | 10 Days of BitMas Deals
Follow the Social media channels to take advantage of some incredible deals, all part of the 10 Days of BitMas.

► MarcoCoino | BCH Listings Surpasses 600 Merchants
The rise in new merchants over the past few weeks now means that the Marco Coino app shows more than 600 brick-and-mortar locations where you can spend BCH.


► CoinText | Now Accessible in 35 Countries
CoinText allows users to send and receive Bitcoin Cash over SMS in 35 countries!


► Honest.Cash | Showing Massive User Growth
Showcasing massive success as an uncensorable, community driven & fully open source platform. Allowing users to Earn BCH for engaging with posts and creating.


► MOVO.Cash | Partners with BitPay to Enable BCH Purchases
MovoCash enables US consumers to convert Bitcoin Cash BCH and BTC to cash value that’s instantly loaded onto a digital card for purchases online and in-store, for cash back or for peer-to-peer payments.


► | BCH Focused Simple Payments System
Live Fiat to BCH conversions of 161 currencies with multiple BCH client support.


►Testnet | Bitcoin Cash Explorer Now Live
A Bitcoin Cash Explorer has been created for the testnet with thanks to Sam Cheng Hung @sagech


► | Wallet Upgrades with Replay Protection, Tool to Claim BSV
The BTC walled has announced it has implemented replay protection and a tool users can employ to extract newly created BSV coins.


►GBDC | Global Blockchain Developers Conference
Unlike described on their website Roger Ver will not be attending


►Polaris 8 | to award 1K in BCH to the Winner
Join at Polaris 8, the end of year spectacular from world-leading professional jiu jitsu.

►Mei Yamaguchi | Friday Night Fight for World Title
Friday Dec. 7th 6:30 Flight for World Title!


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King of Calves says:

roger is like the sensei seagal of bitcoin world.. a joke, wtf is that at 21:49, that's rubbish

MagicTV says:

Good video, keep it coming roger baby!

Salvatore Narducci says:

What's up with Coinbase dragging their ass in giving up the BCHSV? They are slower than shit!

Falk Mattern says:

im confused….it says but its not bitcoin??

Yves Nicollier says:

Congrats on GEMINI

Robert Artenie says:

Go lick some more ass of Bitmain, oh well, most of them are shutting down, too bad.

IWTBF says:

BCHSV won & roger going to court

R F says:

In you should change it to this.

How to sell
If you want to sell your Bitcoin Cash (BCH), you can use a bitcoin exchange like Coinbase or just sell it to a friend.

Bavarian Illuminati says:

Great video…I was down $2000 about 3 weeks ago. Big deal, I am not worried. If Litecoin goes lower I'll buy more. If bitcoin goes lower, then I'll by at least one. This is my life's gamble. If I lose I lose, but if I win I win, then I met walter aarav and I have been trading with him for a 2 weeks and my portfolio has increased with 7 bitcoins, how lucky I am to meet with such an experienced , honest, and his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me considerate man. You can reach him on mail waltertrading12 @ gmail. Com or telegram +1 323 776 6410. HaHaHa, all the way to the bank. Then maybe I'll make up for all of the years of just being mediocre and never rich.

J M says:

No 25% off at 👎

Son of a God says:

if i give as a gift 20$ worth of bcash, it can be 2$ in 1 year

Son of a God says:

suck my dick.

Son of a God says:

why would a regular person use your shit coin?

Son of a God says:

i got few bch for 2800$ each. Roger, you said its freedom, how you can call it freedom when a coin lost its buying power 28 times.

Karl says:

Well,.let's see ..dumbasses Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Craig Wright, and Calvin Arye completely fucked the entire market with their mind blowing stupidity and greed. That would make a lot of people angry, especially since lots of people are rekt but they remain wealthier than most.

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