Litecoin founder Charlie Lee reveals what he sees for bitcoin

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee reveals what he sees for bitcoin

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee discusses the bitcoin crash and crypto’s future. Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Steve Grasso, Brian Kelly and Guy Adami.



Bob Silver says:

People should be buying physical silver RIGHT NOW!!!

s trav says:

He sold all his coins while literally wearing a hoddle t shirt and telling his sheep on Twitter to hoddle

Bitcoin & Litecoin says:

Hey now Chuck… Was that a reference to me? I feel a response video coming on…

ShieldedbyGod 1 says:

Charlie Lee is such a stud.

Jessie Dickson Music says:

He is so fucking smart. But god damn, he doesnโ€™t add shit because he is so nervous when he does these interviews.

Ripple Freak says:

lmao..the inventor doesnt own any Litecoin because he saw what Ripplenet can do and its global real world application partnerships occurring as we speak and as it takes the #2 position away from ETH.

Mike Oxlong says:

this guy has zero credibility. why is he on here?

Tim Ashley says:

Buy and trade and youโ€™ll be rich in no time. You think these crypto you tubers are not doing this ? How do you think they make money sitting home making videos all day? They tell you to hodl but they arenโ€™t. If your a hodler your loosing money period.

cryptocalcs io says:

Sorry everyone – not a fan of the hypocrite Lee anymore – he would have been in jail if LTC were a public company:

Sica1000 says:

krypto is over. It goes back where it bagan once, under 1 US Dollar. 12.09.2018

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