Jamie Dimon is Missing the Value of Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon is Missing the Value of Bitcoin

What are your thoughts on Jamie’s comments? Are you optimistic or bearish on bitcoin long-term? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!


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Bob England says:

Jamie Demon cant help himself, he can go back to hell.

Hype Tutorials says:

Jamie is not really negative he is just fooling the market. Wall street is on the move.

Dash Dinheiro Digital says:

Thanks for mentioning Dash, check it out my Documentary I shoot in Venezuela a few months about about crypto adoption – https://youtu.be/4PbciVl3nYU

MrSotko CryptoCurrency says:

i literally made a video about this one day before you, and it got like 400 views. early bird doesnt get the worm unless you are the biggest shill on youtube apparently.

jim carpenter says:

That EOS article smelt like a hit piece from the get go. Serious Problems that arise on the EOS blockchain can be brainstormed and solved on the fly via cooperation of some of or all of the 21 block producers – groups from all over the world with different perspectives and skill sets. How did they test that in their model? EOS can morf and change like the liquid robot in "Terminator 2". EOS has a lot to offer and looks like growing next year and beyond. That's more than you can say for some other coins here today. I think Ethereum are running scared. Take my word for it after years of stressing over handling ethereum – transaction times and gas fees, long QR code addresses, dealing with EOS is way ahead – simplified and just works fee free everytime, in less than a second. this is the standard going forward to mass adoption. I wondered how can I make so much money day trading awaiting the next Bull Run, then I made little researches not until I got to meet him on his seminal in Vancouver, we did little trades from 5000 to 10,000 and it was worth it, because I made 75K in just a week, isn’t that amazing? Ask me how? Hard work and consistency, I never stopped till I found Mr. Adams, and this has changed my life for good, BTC to the moon🌙, For those traders and Holders like me, you all can still take advantage of this opportunity, You can send him request on Johnsontrading@gmail.com for help, Thanks to Blockch

blueninjaacademy says:

Very interesting! Thanks

dajosova says:

Let Jamie Demon (CEO of JP Moron Case) talk about bull shit. Those bulls are the same that will sky rocket Bitcoin ahead.

Anna Youtube Channel says:

Good point of view Nick…keep it up

Sophist990 says:

BUY FLAG! ….Sell Flag is when you hear Bloomberg screaming buy. My biggest Buy signal has nothing to do with charts and everything to do with the silence from Main st. The funny part is I cant Move money fast enough now that I'm a full Bull. interesting I wouldn't have that problem with Crypto's…..oh wait! Dammit!

Alex Sierra says:

Pls do an Interview with PRLs CEO and clarify everything :s

petespirals says:

The man is vulgar

nimo hobbs says:

Bitcoin's gonna rocket one way or another..

tinox12 says:

BTC was invented by an intelligence agency, blockchain will be a snake technology and will bring mass survaillance and social points, now there is money to make but it will bring scary things too

IberianRainbow says:

bitcoin now is a nice technology but a useless bubble just for whales, hackers, youtubers and other oportunists like myself to make easy money. but it will replace no shit. If after 10years is still marginal it will never replace nothing nor will be a store of value.

J R says:

Dash is trash. screw masternodes, the premine, and the miner tax

Christian Kuhl says:

Hi NIck. Great show. I fully agree with you view on Jamie Dimon's comments. I also agree that crypto currencies might be a genuine solution and savior for people living in countries with corrupt and faulty economic systems that lead to extreme levels of inflation. However, I struggle to see how crypto on a much broader base can replace prudent central bank policies and traditional fiat currencies. The might live well together, but both are needed in my view. There are still many challenges for crypto currencies such as accessibility, usability, volatility and safety / security. What is needed is a price stable store of value and means of spending. We know that above normal inflation is bad, but deflation can also be a significant drag on economic growth and employment. Monetary policy is an important tool in an economic system and sound society (when applied appropriately). So is credit / fractional credit. How can we avoid extreme boom and bust cycles that we tend to see in completely free markets? How can an economic model solely based on crypto currencies address and solve those challenges?

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

Nice try Jamie….your lies make me laugh! Once you stop filling your bags on the OTC market that does not reflect coinmarketcap…you will then have to come to our playground and shoot Bitcoin to Pluto with less supply. Keep spreading the FUD Jamie!

Nachannachle says:

Lol, Nic is gone militant crypto-activist. 🙂 You talk like Mr Antonopoulos, but you give TA to back your claims. Good work!
I would say, no need to go as far as Venezuela, SA, Indonesia and Zimbabwe. In China, Korea, EU, Australia, The USA, Japan, Canada and many others, lots of youngsters under 15 years of age are already into cryptocurrencies and will NEVER know what paying a stockbroker means. That is enough to spell the D.O.W.N.F.A.L.L. of traditional markets, public offering pratices, hedge/retirement funds management, taxation systems and many others.
As for Mr Dimon, rest assured that he is not stupid. He knows the isht is about to hit the fan. All he is doing right now is buying himself some time and dignity by pretending "Business as usual". Typical tactic adopted by arrogant old males to hide their confusion and dismay in the face of imminent change. He ain't fooling no one though… 🙂

mr fool says:

Just waiting for crypto firesale near xmas

Al Carrington says:

Why are you surprised? Jamie is a banker and cryptos are a threat to their game. They have been attacking crypto in more ways than you can image. Fuck Jamie? Jamie is afraid that cryptos will take these criminal bankers down. They are afraid of something they cannot control.

Cooper Reaves says:

Nick, Can you explain why the traditional banking system and banks benefit from control over monetary policy and control over printing of money? I'm having trouble understanding technically how losing this control would damage them.

Dean Wood says:

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