Is the Lightning Network In Trouble? | Bitcoin News

Is the Lightning Network In Trouble? | Bitcoin News

What’s going on with the Lightning Network? Is it in trouble due to the low incentives and security vulnerabilities? Also what is going on with Bitcoin?

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grunherz fw-190 says:


Britni Murphy says:

Yes, although the bitcoin at the moment is unstable at the price, and very difficult to predict what price next, we think that Bitcoin will skyrocket according to the predictions set out above. Several reasons led to the fall in the price of Bitcoin, such as the use of Bitcoins for illicit purposes and numerous incidents such as hacking and theft. Thus, Bitcoin is still the market leader, occupying the first place and maintaining its position. I think bitcoin will return to its highest price by the end of 2019, as the BTC and the NASDAQ will launch its future at the same time, and that by the beginning of 2019, all the world should buy more and participate in the win for me. I advise you to multiply the little that you have with the strategy of Gomes Lima, a man I meet with a YT video recommendation, who also helped others with his method and his specially designed lessons, I could do 6bt with 1.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, for more information and questions, you can contact him on <trade.lima09@gmailcom> and share the testimonials with others

Brian Schreech says:

Love ya, George. I appreciate the insightful Titles. You are the most intelligent sincere Crypto You-tubers.

Jessica Love says:

Just use BCH

K4Liberty says:

They never tried to scale on chain, pathetic… for me that was a RED flag.

thekreal says:

That was depressing

Evil black book says:

There are better coins why bitcoin lol cuz of greed that's what these fraud exchanges made they want btc value to keep rising lol fruauf fraud

Flooring Guy says:

Pretty soon we all going to find out that every coin will be moved by XRP. Mark my world. AND now I am ready for negative responses 😂😂😂 oh yes. I don’t give a shit lol

trapped cat says:

Use BTC to hodl. Switch over to BCH to spend.

TheCR1T1CALM4SS says:

Just use XRPL.

Ethan Becker says:

I run a node FOR FREE! LOL and you dont have to stake A TON of bitcoin lol. We dont need millions of nodes actually since it doesnt use CONSENSUS like main chain its simply a time lock contract system. You haters are FKN NUTS! cost me $4 of resources per month max as part of my bitcoin node and server.

Ethan Becker says:

LN works pretty good actually, Even solutions for easier channel balancing is figure out and should be adopted soon.. i really dont get all the LN fud.. i run a node and have done dozens of transactions and most go through just fine. What is it with all this LN fud?

Burghtown Music Group says:

I guess this means Bitcoin is dying….again 😂😂🤣🤣

scrwbl8 says:

Maybe CW staked his BTC on the lightning network 😀

Prueba net says:

As soon as the Bitcoin begins to grow, the Chainlink coin will go to the moon at once, I advise to multiply your tokens in airdrop on

Rolando Jr. Legarde says:

Bitcoin clearly manipulating to up & down. Clearly waiting for big investor to buy then after immediately down side. Also 100% is a gambler & conclusion all investor will looses every year. Belived me everyone convince to stay bitcoin or buy bitcoin but totally if I observation the banker of bitcoin collecting a billion of dollars to invest people all in all the believed my the bear month the bitcoin will be down rapidly to 3,093k 4045k 5003k


Lots of trouble in the traditional markets

alekseysimakov says:

God bless me! How much I like CHAINLINK coin. I want to invest in it all my savings! And they still have generous airdrop on

Qwazar says:

LN is destined to fail as expected.

Milena Poghosyan says:

Who did not manage to buy GRAM coins from Telegram in spring, I advise now not to be slow on doing this, purchases on the open ICO round is the last opportunity

B. Ven says:

What you're seeing is Nodes going behind TOR. Those nodes are still there.

Jason Gibson says:

Short term incentives are nil. But the sats will be worth alot more. It's also meant for way more transactions.

Upgrade says:

I like upgrades

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