Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven for Your Money? | Inventor of Yield Curve Signal Explains

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven for Your Money? | Inventor of Yield Curve Signal Explains

As international conflict and recession loom on the horizon, where is the safest place to put your money? Campbell R. Harvey, J. Paul Sticht Professor of International Business at Duke University and inventor of the yield curve signal analyzes the viability of Bitcoin as a safe haven asset and predicts the emergence of a fully tokenized financial world within 5 years.

Check out Camโ€™s LinkedIn blog to answer all your questions about this summerโ€™s yield curve inversion!

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Cointelegraph says:

0:20 โ€” What is the significance of the conflict between Iran and the US?
2:23 โ€” Is Bitcoin a safe haven asset or a speculator's asset?
4:29 โ€” Is the Bitcoin safe haven narrative a self-fulfilling prophecy?
6:27 โ€” How would cryptocurrencies function during a time of war?
8:51 โ€” What is the yield curve and why is it important right now?
12:14 โ€” Why might the latest yield-curve inversion be different from previous inversions?
16:13 โ€” How would a recession impact the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets?
18:45 โ€” Has Bitcoin gotten large enough to become an important economic force?
23:00 โ€” Can digital currencies undermine the global hegemony of the USD?

the Unrepentant says:

Crypto Currency. The originating organization provides an individual that has given it money with a password to an entry on a public ledger that serves as his receipt so that he may view the record of his transaction at any time. This contribution is basically a gift. Contributions are sought in discrete amounts, such as fifty cents. The password to access the receipt for each of these fifty cent gifts is titled a key while the record of the amount of the gift is titled a crypto coin.

These are not deposits, the amount may not be withdrawn and the individual is not entitled to a refund. Members of the originating organization may in turn again gift the money that has accrued to them to the organization in order to issue receipts to themselves and may do this as many times as they wish. No regulations hamper them and it costs them nothing.

The individual may sell the right to view the entry for his transaction that serves as his receipt for this gift and provides the new purchaser with the key. The new purchaser in turn may likewise sell his right to view this entry to the online ledger to someone else. That is what is being traded. The right (password titled a key) to view a receipt (record of the amount on an online ledger titled a coin), nothing more that itself has no intrinsic value.

This is a variation of the chain letter of the 1950s adapted to the Internet. A few embellishments have been added. Each entry to the ledger is publicly visible without displaying the name of the individual. Only the individual has the key. When this is lost he cannot bring up his transaction, as the key is not retrievable.

The originating organization continues to issues the right to view receipts for contributions, euphemistically titled coins, without anyone having actually sent it money, to the party that correctly guesses the characters by which it is identified. The party to whom the keys are awarded must update the ledger. They are compensated for their service by selling their keys.

More money may be squeezed out of the process. Exchanges have been set up to store the passwords, called keys, to the receipts, called coins. If you lose the password you cannot view the ledger entry that serves as a receipt.

That anyone is willing to pay money to view a receipt defies rational logic. That others purchase this right from them for huge sums of money is even less credible. The system crashes when it runs out of gullible victims.

Francois Rautenbach says:

What will happen if people start buying Bitcoins instead of 10 year bonds just before a recession?
(just asking for a friend)

Renรฉ Bijloo says:

A day before a storm, the sky is blue and the birds sing. Buy Bitcoin that morning.

Renรฉ Bijloo says:

Bitcoin was born in the last recession. It is sort of a Phoenix. This is the best data.

Lisa Benson says:

I donโ€™t mean no savagery and Iโ€™m not referring to anyone too but believe me when I say this; BTC has been able to last way longer than some men in bed.

Lisa Benson says:

Choosing to trade bitcoin might just be one of the best decisions you have ever made. It might look scary at the beginning but youโ€™ll eventually get the best out of it.

Bitcoins & Gravy says:

The "safe haven" aspect of Bitcoin is simple: It's the largest cryptographically secured network in the world offering decentralized global consensus. THAT is the TRUE value of the Bitcoin protocol and the attached token known as BTC. Let's hear you geniuses talk about the tech for a minute. Peter Schiff is THE WORST as is Rubini when it comes to addressing the remarkably innovative tech aspects of Bitcoin.
As this tech does well (which it is!), the token will follow.

Get with the program you money minded geeks!!!!
: )

Mark Williamson says:

Memories of Corporate Finance 101

Decebal825 says:

completely failure to understand that "Crypto" isnot effect by fundamental when 99.999 of cryptos are just scams controlled by creators of these scams. bitcoin probably still has not bottoms as we still have stupid people who don't know the difference between Bitcoin and shitcoins. we know this because they use the work "cryptos". completely a waste of time to watch the rest of this interview

Lytsout193 says:

I like the dose of reality in his analysis. There is no where near enough of that in Crypto

Yolanda Dublin says:

Great video! I'm impressed with the absolute breakdown of this process. I made my first $600,000 last year with crypto investments, i am considering starting up a capital investment company as well. seeing this assures my path!

BigPapaPump says:

Agree with the professor BTC non correlated with the markets. Therefore, there is chance BTC will be 1M or 0. I am speculating it will be 1M, you cant buy a Lambo if you dont play. .

mmp official says:

Great info because Bitcoin is definitely gonna be the future value despite what, but my advice is not to go into Bitcoin market without any basic knowledge, Bitcoin is a zero sum coin game and it's complex expecially the way it's has been fluctuating, you need maths Skills to enable you understand the market trends and different algorithm, and if you're a beginner or having hard times I think with the guidance and information of some professional your goals can be achieved, so be guided to avoid loses and regrets this new year, wish you the best as you read and understand this ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ

sommi says:

๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™ Amazing interview. I watched every second of it. Thanks ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

Roy Dopson says:

I've watched a lot of interviews about crypto.

This was one of the best.

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