Inside Blockchain: Will It Crash Like Bitcoin, Or Is It Revolutionary? | Think | NBC News

Inside Blockchain: Will It Crash Like Bitcoin, Or Is It Revolutionary? | Think | NBC News

Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency dominated headlines in 2017, before an epic crash wiped out billions of dollars in wealth. And after the bubble burst, both bitcoin and the technology powering it — blockchain — fell out of public view a bit. The cryptocurrency crash of 2018 really set the movement back in the eyes of many. But in the background, some of the biggest companies on earth started investing… heavily: Names like Wal-Mart, Anheuser-Busch, Comcast, JP Morgan, Amazon, IBM, Deloitte, EY… you name it, they started experimenting with the technology. All the while, the crypto-prophets kept the decentralized faith. So is blockchain destined to crash like Bitcoin, or will it truly change the world as its proponents claim?

In Think Again episode 3, NBC’s Andrew Stern takes us on a journey from Brooklyn to North Carolina to Texas and back again, all to figure out whether blockchain is really a breakthrough… or bogus. You’ll learn the basics of blockchain, what the real-world applications could be, and why companies are so bullish on the technology. You’ll also hear from perhaps the most infamous blockchain skeptic in the cryptocurrency world.
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Inside Blockchain: Will It Crash Like Bitcoin, Or Is It Revolutionary? | Think | NBC News



Rebecca Conn says:

Fake stuff.
Grow a garden.

Michael Grage says:

Thinking back to the real estate title example, it sounds like it will relatively easy for hackers to submit false transactions that will be extremely difficult and time consuming to remove – the analogy would be a fake mechanic’s lean. A spambot-like program could pump out thousands of these per second, making it easy to implement a denial of service scenario.

Jennifer Wayans says:

🔴 If Banks are Adopting
BlockChain , you can be sure
this Technology will progress

VitalE36 says:

Wait bitcoin crashed?

David Shevack says:

Look up the conspiracy on VET

Soyboy NPC says:

Bitcoin will crash just like liberalism has.

Eliza Grogan says:

Blockchain is just a rebranded Bitcoin. Don't buy in to ponzi schemes.

Tyler H says:

Blockchain is brilliant, so non-believers can just remain as non-believers and remain shadowed in the darkness

AES says:

Blockchain is nothing if its not "decentralized" , and only decentralized blockchain that has the most security in terms of "hash power" is bitcoin.

Sir Trumplican X says:

(N)othing (B)ut (C)rap News = Fake News!

Will Dy says:

What will happened to bitcoin 5 years from now? Check this out 👉

Avram Neal says:

Decentralization of a blockchains doesn't work unless there is financial incentive to apply hash-power to the network, therefore securing the network. This is why Jimmy Song says it only works for money, and he's right.

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