How Likely Is A $10,000 Bitcoin THIS Year?

How Likely Is A $10,000 Bitcoin THIS Year?

How Likely Is A $10,000 Bitcoin THIS Year?

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Nicholas Live says:

omg, how do we keep forgetting to link to my channel haha
here I am, Nicholas Live πŸ™‚

Daniel Holmberg says:

Delist Tone Vays!

Stock762 says:

People and their scam ass projects. Instead of making your own shitcoin why don't they use fucken BTC …make a gaming platform and use BTC there you go you are legit easy as that but no no one fucken does it because they all wanna make fucken bank from their stash of minted coins.


If your looking for a crypto that's decentralised, fast and transacts worldwide have a look at goldcoin GLC.. it's as old as bitcoin.. and it's super fast and in the future when crypto as a system is regarded with higher trust GLC like a handful of others will be in a good place. Price is insane cheap and a reverse fork merge to bitcoin imminent in June.
Stick 100 dollars on it.. pick up a few thousand and thank me in 2020

Stephen Ivan says:

agree with you

world valeur says:

Novatoken (NVT) trading on Forkdelta… They are making in-game items tradable on the blockchain + staking. Also very easy to implement for non blockchain games. Currently just having new owners take over. Check out

world valeur says:

How much money did CZ and Justin Sun make, shorting BSV?

Plastic Bottle Face says:

First thumbs down for CD for the speal on Tone. He's doing good for BTC and more than not his readings are on point. You bought me back with not caring about price πŸ™‚
Don't get me wrong I'm still a fan.
That thing with with Roger was creepy.

Pheels Goodmane says:

I've never thumb you down, but I want to thumb down this new guy. What do i do? Can you just let a link to his channel and let people who want to listen to him go to there? Sry. Love you

kroepoekable says:

Great video

Alex B says:

I absolutely love your channel dude. But Vays has been nothing but right now for almost two years running. πŸ˜› (Aside from the top being higher then he anticipated.)

Marcus Wilson says:

Vays is a clown

Rex Scott says:

Bitcoin will fall with the market. When the idiots figure out that QE3 was not a video game and Qe4 is live, they will get it.

TheBitPay James N says:

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Arkadiusz Wojno says:

Beer Chain – the pionier of global beer public chain πŸ˜€


I never heard of anything about Baer Chain. But if I were the owner of this coin, and trying to find someone shilling it. I would definitely not be hiring this Nicolas guy. He made a very good example to shit shilling case regardless if the project is good or not.

@Cryptodaily, I love your channel man. With that being said, you should make a very apparent disclaimer on all the future sponsor videos like this if not already. Just saying…

Peter Pan says:

What's with the dislike ratio? What have you said …?

tallboy says:

send me bitcoin cash if ur cool bitcoincash: qp55r9gcqtjja3rxw80yw225cqedxdmvqcq0pypfhc

Manny Jiang says:

I used to work with them early last year, in China, and I can say it's not a serious project, the reason they didn't do an ICO was because they played around with Ethereum and created a token as an experiment. The numbers they claiming have raised from private investors are fake (keep in mind, the burn rate of a startup with a couple of recent grad students are very low), the founders fronted most of it.

I was hired part-time for code review and some english translations, but a majority of my time was spent helping the founder translating white-papers for other projects I never heard of, code review was barely 20% of my daily tasks. The founder mainly worked with his friend who had a little office in the same building and they worked on a live streaming app targeting the Vietnamese market….nothing to do with crypto.

Lastly, the exchanges they are listed on are all Chinese and all you have to do as an ERC token is to pay them 2-3 BTC at the time and you would be listed within a week. Additional "market making" services, or as we know it in the west is fake volume, they would charge a couple extra BTCs. However, BaerChain decided to use a third-party market maker because they only took a percentage of the profits, keep in mind, the market makers didn't charge anything but was given a huge % of the total token supply. I am sure you can dig it up from the eth explorer.

Many of these Chinese projects are just experiments with no detailed roadmap OR competent staff, they hire newly grads from average business schools and sometimes english majors, but the competence level is generally comparable to a high school project. The founders of these projects do this just for fun, they have their main businesses and cash flow from other sources, crypto is just a little side gig they have going on, trust me, take a step back and understand their mindset. The barrier of entry into crypto is very, very low, especially in China where workforce is cheap and regulations are loose. Basically the risk/reward ratio for the founders are more than favorable. But for us "investors" or speculators in the space…not so much.

I hope I have given you some insight and that even though you have respect for this channel, which I do as well, Crypto Daily in my opinion is an OG in the space. Took a loan to buy crypto, that takes some balls, but it paid off! But please, do not promote or openly be sponsored by these projects…it's just not sustainable and quite frankly unfair for newcomers into this space. I am sure your intentions are good, but please, stick to what you do best, don't give up half of your video to these projects. You are better than that.

Thank you.

Angelina Harper says:

Trading is getting sweeter and sweeter by the day. Mr Robertson MacDonald is simply the best of all traders in the world for me 😘😘😘😘

Greg F says:

Until today I don't understand why I should have BitcoinCash or a fork of it in my portfolio… maybe not enough research lol

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