Facebook Going Big on Blockchain – Is Bitcoin in Trouble?

Facebook Going Big on Blockchain – Is Bitcoin in Trouble?

Facebook’s blockchain team is expanding, what is Zuckerberg up to? What might it mean for Bitcoin?



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The Crypto Lark says:


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Proper 3D says:

Google burns down China office after being questioned.

Matthew Blouse says:

They do not have 1 billion unique users

Eat Sleep Guitar says:

Deleted FB almost a year ago. Pass….. Too creepy for me and it is healthier to leave your lounge room every now and then and chat to your friends face to face and be pleasantly surprised when the update you on what has been going on in their life, with a hug and a smile (just like the 'good ol days!'….) rather than already knowing, via the screen of an iPhone. Heck, I might even try writing a letter or two this Christmas and send a few paper based Christmas cards…

paolo corveddu says:

Are you in Paris? 🤣🤣🤣

Jaydapp says:

Facebook is a trend, and trends go out of style. Most teenagers and soon to be young adults do not use it whatsoever. I really believe their days are numbered.

Michael Scott says:

Love the vest, Vive le France. Crypto Revolution 🤨

uzerish x says:

Thank you Sir Lark. <3

Bingo says:

Youtube Crypto-scumbags , you dont know shit

Colzc blah says:

Nope.. a bad company will use new tools with the same old mentality

Tom Bo says:

But if FB would build a decentral blockchain open source for their community – yep , it would be number 1 on CMC

i eat plants says:

i know what facebook is doing. fading into oblivion. what demographic actually uses that orwellian shit ?

the anon of ancapistan says:

Also all censorship of crypto does is simply stimulate the market even more to grow just look at the Bitcoin when when china banned it.

Abominable Slowman says:

Fuck facebook

Jeffries says:

I think Reddcoin among others will be highly disappointed and maybe a big sell off soon who knows

Jeffries says:

My thoughts are that Facebook have a lot of businesses on board with ya know Find us on Facebook rah rah .How about pay those business your bills on Facebook ..Its getting ridiculous how they seem to want a hand in everything .
Once you pay a bill you get hit with more ads and revenue for them …I think they have seen what something like X rapid could do for them ..and do their own.Basically what you said anyway Lark..

FanofDocumentaries says:

FB cannot be trusted.

Helder Rodriguez says:

FB is already linked ro Litecoin !!!

Frank Franze says:

One of the best YouTube and crypto channels! God bless you Mr.Lark! 🐦🙏

Cryptocoin Kiwi says:


Paul Bogo says:

yellow vest?

Drone Trucker says:

I like the direction your channel is going

Billy Ray Valentine says:

Clickbait title.

Utkarsh Anand says:

Another centralised cryptocurrency wouldn’t be a good idea. There’s a reason why people chose bitcoin. That’s because they don’t want their monetary system to be governed by a single private entity.

m h says:

I hear fB will be using eos blockchain

whalerider says:

Facebook is desperate, their users are dropping the aging intrusive platform. People can only live in their safe space for so long before they can't even function in society. I wouldn't put it passed them to start their own cryptocurrency and use facebook to give it promotional advantage. I could also see them creating wallets that are just as intrusive into our lives and will track our spending.
I would imagine a Facebook coin to be very similar or identical to ripple/xrp, also if Facebook made an infinite amount of coins out of thin air they could easily control the whole crypto market and have the u.s. government in on the scheme, since they already work closely with the government I'm sure they are both on board.

KingsRight says:

i guess that could be big.. but just because they have invested in blockchain tech doesn't mean they will tokenize it.. it could be merely for just decentralizing their whole facebook network so they no longer have hacking issues.
thanks for the info

Alex Defkalion says:

Why No Comments on the Yellow vest anybody??? Viva la revolution, against the globalist zionist puppets!!! It will only win with the desolation of the leftists and direct democracy though, not with simple deals;)

pierre Nader says:

Amazon coin is coming before Facebook coin.

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