Donald Trump Tweets About Bitcoin!! A "YUGE" Game Changer For Cryptocurrencies?!!

Donald Trump Tweets About Bitcoin!! A "YUGE" Game Changer For Cryptocurrencies?!!

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The president of the United States Donald Trump just tweeted about bitcoin which is β€œyuge” for the cryptocurrency moving forward! The fact that a sitting president even felt the need to publicly bash this new currency really says a lot about bitcoins potential to do what it was always intended to do! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains the purpose of bitcoin while dismantling Trumps uneducated and irrational tweets about bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra and the cryptocurrency space in general.


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Press For Truth says:

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Mackii.SWE πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ says:

Connect your website to BRAVE rewards! Then I will support.

bob anderson says:

Thanks dan your a top reporter i wonder what your angle is on trumps new press situation where no utube demonetised press are being allowed through…
I have heard that his close ministers in the lord aint right with the lord so in that respect TRUMP IS NOT FIRING ON THE RIGHT CYLINDERS however being gifted he has the next four years in the bag….. If i could get ONE CHANCE TO COMMUNICATE WITH POTUS, THE LORD IS MY SHEPPARD, the rest will be history FOR SURE…. .

Piet zaken says:

He is not serious, its just propaganda for the sheeple

Alex Ritchie says:

Cryptos are Cabal,

entityofme says:

His zionist handlers cant control it so Fuck Trump and Fuck Israel…

Liberty Or Death? says:

That's it. I'm voting NONE OF THE ABOVE in 2020

Danky says:

Ever think this " progress " is just regressive to us as a species. Open your eyes a little wider folks. They are trying to pull the wool over it. Something is about to happen before July ends.

Carlo De says:

You could be missing the point. It doesn't matter what you think, if Trump is clearly stating bitcoin or crypto has no standing in the US. It's what he's not saying that is most important. This includes nominating members to the Fed Reserve who have high value in sound money.

Divergent Droid says:

It's Not just about Representing a value, it's about having the Gold to back the currency up.. thats How it was supposed to be until they stole all the gold. What tangible thing of value does Bitcoin have to back it up.. Nothing. Who polices the Bitcoin software? What organisation did we hire to make sure that code is clean? Non one. You Cannot just agree something has worth when it does not have worth. Paper money was Only supposed to be a Representation of the Gold you Had in the Vault! If I wanna trade Bitcoin for real money, you give me Cash.. the same cash you think is so bad!! Why not issue GOLD? Thats kinda Lopsided. I agree with a decentralized system but Bitcoin isn't IT.

Jeff L says:

There's a lot of debate about whether or not bitcoin is money or not. There's no fully agreed upon definition of "money"

I would argue that bitcoin is more "money" than USD can be.

Obviously, he's going to say it's based on thin air because he wants to reduce confidence in it, and because the dollar is based on thin air. The government cannot ensure the dollar's value so, it's not "backed" by the government.

Donna Justice says:

Idiotic statement?????? That's our President! Bitcoin is and will always be a scam!

Drtool23 says:

Get a Real Job, how About That. Truly Fuckkn Sad Relying on This. Grow Up.. You People, as in Youtubers want to Be Instant Millionaires Over Night. It Takes Work that You Frikn Losers/Slackers Millenials Have no Frikn Clue What thay IZ!!! Crypto is a NSA invention As It iZ.good luck with this, and Yes it iZ Trackable, why Do U think over Time Major Banks a re Secretly getting In!?!? Government Agencies are Already Doing IT. crypto Exchanges are now accepting U.S. policies.. Oh yea UNSUBBING…

Frank R says:

Fed Coin coming soon

James Mariotti says:

Bitcoin is different, yes you can consider it money but it's also an investment instrument subject to capital gains. Every time you trade or transact cryptos I believe you're liable for capital gains, like stocks. So keep track of your transactions for tax purposes. Btw, if you think cryptos are the next best thing since sliced bread when the government gets their hands on it, every transaction will be tracked. You'll have no privacy whatsoever on how you spend your money. Every transaction will be visible. They would love to go to cryptos. Remember when they they wanted to enact the Federal Reserve in1913 they used a negative campaign informing the people how bad a central banking system would be for the people. The people figured if the government says it's bad it must be good for us and it got passed by congress. Watch what you wish for it maybe just a ruse!

Mr Caesar says:

Guys bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency is normalizing a cashless society, yes ik there's benefits but think of it this way – the more this normalizes the easier it'll be to phase out physical currency, we have credit cards which are now normal at the hospital i go to once in a while they've recently started rejecting physical cash and only accept credit cards now! – soon the mark of the beast will be implemented where unless you have it you can't buy or sell things be it cars, food, medicine and so on! The world's gonna have to choose either Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour which will cause them to be killed because the mark is meant to be for the New World Order which is run by satan! If the mark is accepted and those who accept the mark are basically accepting Satan as their king and in doing so are forfeiting their lives!

Read your KJV Bibles, accept Christ as your Saviour and know that to die for Christ is to gain! God bless you all

L DeGrave says:

If Bitcoin was going up over this it would have already. imo gold is just as worthless. Cryptocurencies are the same system.

Eatmore Bacon says:

Isn't the American dollar based on thin air?

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