Did Fake Satoshi Craig Wright Cause the Bitcoin Crash?

Did Fake Satoshi Craig Wright Cause the Bitcoin Crash?

Today we saw the market have the worse crash in months and people are searching for answers. Tonight I will show you what I’ve found about Craig Wright and let you know if he is the cause of this Bitcoin crash. And also have a few drinks!

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CryptosRUs says:

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CryptoCal says:

I think it is a big coincidence that Tone Vays was banned from Bitmex and there were a year time high of longs before the crash.

ķillernite xxnite says:

this is the most detestful person in the crypto space

samyvellu Muthu says:


A says:

Dear Roger Ver please give up. That Craig guy is a psycho. He is crazy.
He ´s gonna destroy Bitcoin Cash and maybe more ! Please be the
peacemaker for the entire crypto world !

J o n a t h a n says:

lol this don't faze me. I know cryptos going to the moon i'm buying more up. when theres blood on the street this is the time to buy.

BjornCryptoNL says:

The market is not going the stay for months at the bottem. It is always a short moment which still has to come.

Jamie Foster says:

This is why a POW that can only be mined by CPU is the future of crypto currency. Nerva will have a white paper out soon for the pond solution mining. Their will finally be a POW that is 51 percent attack proof. Nerva is satoshis true vision. 1cpu =1 vote

Rabie Alkamouchi says:

Hodl for the nex bulrun coming soon bakkt nieuws ETF whil com last chaiking weak hans for bulrun mainstream crypto

Nillesify says:

We are still alive… 😉

DoctorWa says:

Great Vid today George, the wallet explanations were very well researched…and a relief… however as a side note, It took me over 3 hours to move 1 btc from Coinbase to Binance..(Binance maintenance was over for several hours before the transfer initiation)… I didn't even get a transfer hash for over 2 1/2 hours… seems like some BTC miners may be setting up on BCH…?

Daniele Sbordone says:

You're right , but that Madman has a lot of hashing power and I believe that Bitcoin ABC has its hours numbered.

lili al says:

Bitcoin run by AI?

DieselHound says:

All this is good for XRP, it could take the number 1 spot.

Jack-LoveIsland says:

Great Video! You said that’s it guys for this video then carried on for another 30 minutes lol this why I like your videos man

CryptoTalk says:

I've never seen a desperate youtuber advertise to get viewers. Your channel is shit because your a massive pile of it!

CryptoTalk says:

Goen be. Everytime the market crashes u live stream and drink. Behind the scenes I can tell your freaking out in your mind.

jordan long says:

This was bound to happen sooner or later we need to test 4800

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