Daily Update (2/7/19) | Is bitcoin going to double bottom in February?

Daily Update (2/7/19) | Is bitcoin going to double bottom in February?

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Storm Trooper says:

Double bottom hell no. Might happen with that dead guy with 150 million in crypto in India that isn’t dead but has the keys. He might be cautious and not be so dumb as to sell them but transfer them around instead

Joey Daleboudt says:

How about a long squeeze if the bottom doesnt hold? longs are much higher than shorts..

PayRoII says:

your videos are way too long. 5-6 min would be much better

luke brenland says:

alot of people seem to think we have this bear until 2020!

would be great to see you on uptrennd mate always quality videos!

Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block says:

Comment was censored by youtube or Nick…but guys dont buy into the 3rd party custodian…read btc white paper….trust in institutions is a weakness not a strength….be your own bank and hold your own keys are be a future victim….dont be mislead by placing trust in any bank or exchange

Jerome Byrne says:

Do gold GLD and silver SLV ETFs have and own gold and silver to back up values of those ETFs?

Jan Borgers says:

great content love to see it , did u check uptrennd already?

Work With Nature says:

Normally in a court of law entrusted parties that charge you fees are liable for losses made due to their negligence. They should be insured for one and have better security. But even at that they own responsibility. It is their risk if they want to be in business. To fob it off on their customers is not right.

Aviram Iancovici says:

Demand on silver is going up for sure.
a death scam? oh boy. – I agree with your last video – institutions should integrate a 3/5/7 majority key protocol. we have the technology. well, I guess it's exchange evolution – only the updated and secure will last. cheers man! great vid

haplon says:

Thanks Nick. As a random aside, Suntrust is one of the scummiest banks in America, which really really really is saying something. They give BoA a run on their money for being rated as the most hated bank by their own customer base.

Tyson Hernandez says:

Thanks for the update on URA today Nick, always good to hear about commodities. How long would you hold a leveraged silver ETF after you got into the trade?

Chris Perrotta says:

Do you buy physical gold and silver? Just ETFs or both? Would love to hear how you buy commodities

Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block says:

Not even Coinbase or Gemini….trust me if a govt or court orders them to seize you crypto….your btc will be gone bye bye

Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block says:

And for those of you that dont like to read as my comment below is long….NEVER leave your crypto assets on an exchange if you arent actively trading them. Store ALL cryptos you are not trading on a wallet where you control the keys. Follow my advice and you will be far less susceptible to exchange hacks….and TRUST no man or institution!!!

Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block says:

Disagree Nick….btc was developed so that you dont have to trust 3rd parties. Satoshi says as such in the btc white paper…"What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties ti transact directly with each other WITHOUT the need for a trusted third party"…Satoshi Nakamoto. While exchanges are needed currently to trade crypto…advocating that the crypto community use exchanges and banks to hold funds is against the ethos of crypto so eloquently stated by Satoshi. The point he is making is that yes you need to be your own bank…this is what needed. Furthermore, I surmise that he felt this way because when one man or entity is given stewardship over vast wealth the nature of any human is such that even the most virtuous amongst us is susceptible to becoming corrupted…."absolute power corrupts absolutely". So while I feel sorry to those that lost their money in this most recent exchange hack, they must learn and embrace the ethos of crypto and that is to be the master of your own wealth. You will never be the master of your crypto as long as a 3rd party is holding your keys. While learning is painful for many, that should not be excused or a pass given to those who do not take the necessary steps of personally securing their crypto assets. It is my belief that the pain of financial loss supersedes the pain of learning, and it is through the financial losses that occur from these hacks that the herd will be forced to take responsibility for their crypto assets and hold their own keys

Tim Ulrey says:

BTC price: maybe bounce off of this 200W MA (3300), back up to our descending triangle range (3700 ish), and then either roll over late march / early April OR bounce 1-2 more times of the rising 200W MA and essentially be "squeezed" between that MA and the falling 200D MA, in which I'd say we break that squeeze around late May / early June. Volume says that ain't bottom, not even close. We're about to see consecutive death crosses on higher time frames… it could get super, super ugly. My best guess is we have a triangle similar to our recent $6K range which bounces 3-4 times on low vol and then matures into a squeeze situation between the 200W MA and 200D MA and break around June 1st. To where / how low, who the heck knows. I'm going to attempt bottom fishing around 1900, 1500, and 1375 although 2200-2450 really could hold us even with super heavy volume.

Nikolai says:

Where do you leverage trade silver? Are you just doing SLV on a broker that allows leverage? I’m only on robinhood atm so curious to learn what else is out there and what has worked for others.

Rogene Angeles says:

Bullish on Nano Ledger πŸ˜€

Tom7 says:

This is it, the bear market is almost over.

M Morse says:

This is a huge part crypto game is tuff

MisterCandyMan says:

Its not going to double bottom it hasn't hit the bottom yet you fool! Please BTC are more sold than being bought. That's because there's a billionaire who's dumping them. Multiple of them including Graig S Wright to pump his own Bitcoin shit version!

Gabriel Fortier says:

Can we see the public adress of quadrigacx to see if someone move some btc?

liam janssens says:

there was some hedgefund guy can't remember his name on realvision he talked about uranium stocks he said these companies do multiyear supply contracts and a lot of them end in 2019 so what that means is they need new contracts for supply which will probably result in good business for those equities with the limited supply of uranium atm

Ryan McCutcheon says:

Nick, can you explain why you think a double bottom is more likely than a break through 3200 to the downside? Volume is so abysmal and the technical indicators so negative that I can't see it. I think we're in for a break through the 200 week MA. I guess we'll see πŸ™‚

Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block says:

The double bottom will lead to 3500 rally and then we welcome capitulation to 2400…maybe 2200…. then we are off to higher highs once all the moonboys are flushed out and rekted

MrHarrilasagna says:

Thanks for covering this exchange issue Nick. Tons of red flags.

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