Can Bitcoin Maintain $5000 Support?

Can Bitcoin Maintain $5000 Support?

Can Bitcoin Maintain $5000 Support?

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Crypto Daily says:

The Troublesome Meme Review:

uhlijohn says:

For decentralized video, investigate Theta! This will put YouTube out of business….I hope! I own 10,000 Theta tokens and 50,000 Thetafuel!

Lourecyr da Silva says:

talk about AICHAIN . Hidden gem ! very low market, a great project from the CEO Bitmain

Michael Friedman says:

Can someone link me to that vid at 1:59 πŸ˜‚

avfr says:

Thanks for leading the herd to the slaughterhouse

Matthew Marcus says:

OMG! The vehicle clips. πŸ˜‚ #boomsizzle #cryptodizzle

Ronnie Franco says:

you have grown on me man your so naturally funny with how you speak. couldnt stop laughing when you noticed spider

ifoundthistoday says:

the reason YT is losing money is because of AdBlockers plain and simple … I've used one for years … imagine all the ads I would have clicked on in this time

epnick says:

I watched MR in the EU

snide 2 says:

It's pretty simple, you decentralize a video platform and build in an algorithm in which videos can be blocked with a certain amount of flagging.. And then if enough people want to watch it then with enough up-votes it can be brought back online..

NOBODY has the right to tell people what to do or what to watch.. The whole idea of appealing to the "mainstream" is flawed.. Why do we have a "mainstream" anyways? Everyone is equal and all people deserve a voice..

Julian O.falcon says:

Long bitcoin short bankers

Ron Burgandy says:

#AssangeisSatoshi Fook Craig Wrong!

Gabriel Jaramillo says:

The next decentralized coinbase

Will Ross says:

Flat earth coin on the cards? 😎

Dean OG says:

what's your DLive account name?

Moonboy says:

WABI will catalyst the bullrun

muruks007 says:

Love your content…highly appreciate the touch of sarcasm in your videos that weed out the crypto casuals πŸ˜€

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