By far THE biggest crypto scam EVER… Essay by Jonald Fyookball | Features

By far THE biggest crypto scam EVER… Essay by Jonald Fyookball | Features

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Roger reads another one of the fantastic essays of Jonald Fyookball. The small block philosophy and reasoning seems to make sense on the surface, however, small blocks are just delaying progress and will be eventually needed on Bitcoin Core as well.

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Pangur Ban's Quest says:

So good to see all the BS/Core cucks and Faketoshi shills whining while we're winning. I wonder if they have a single dick between them since I know they have no balls. We'll just keep producing and growing while they lie and shill for the statists. BCH FTW!

ur mom Da bomb says:

Thanks, just bought 100k, just kidding. I literally wont buy ur shitcoin because I hate you. I'll short ur shit coin into the ground. If you weren't such a blubbering crybaby bitch 1000% of the time. I might not give a shit. I'll use litecoin before I'll use ur shitty bcash. Fuck u and fuck ur life.

Etienne Oranu says:

Send a link to this document

bob ami says:

BTC is garbage. BTC is a wolf with sheep clothing acting like a pig . go BCH or whatever else works for economic freedom.

Brent Nally says:

BCH for the win! 📈🤑

Dylan Robertson says:

What a load of horse shit! If it were up to Roger and his cronies they would just throw consensus out of the window and force big blocks… This is why they don't want BCH users running their own full nodes.

Spencer G says:

look its trying to peddle fakebitcoin

look its pretending to be objective

Derick C. says:

why dont you change the name of this channel to if thats what your going to promote?? #RogerIsAScam

Synbitz Seven says:

I went from BTC to BCH to Dash. Im sticking with Dash now but maybe I'llbuy some BCH cones again some time.

utahnate says:

Oh silly Roger….. When will you get over what Satoshi said in his white paper?? He was not an economist, and could never predict or guide the future of what Bitcoin will become. The market and consensus will determine the future. Similar to the internet. Love you bro!

Derick C. says:

biggest scam ever is bcash. BCH IS A SHITCOIN !!!!

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