BTC vs. BCH – which version of Bitcoin is actually being used?

BTC vs. BCH – which version of Bitcoin is actually being used?

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WayWay Chanell says:

Halo bos……my name is wayan…. I want to be a part of BCH

sneaking_ weasel says:

Well, first off, there are not many versions of Bitcoin. We have Bitcoin, then all of the altcoins which includes bitcoin cash. Secondly, you don't need to watch flashy PR videos created by a corporation with its CEO pushing his altcoin in them, you can reference the network for hard data & facts to see who is using what and how frequently. According to there have been 406,591 transactions over the Bitcoin network in the last 24 hrs compared to just 48,183 for bch. That's over 743% more transactions made with Bitcoin. This doesn't even include transactions made via the Lightning Network and Liquid for Bitcoin due to the privacy that they offer. It's also important to note that there have been almost as many transactions in the last 24 hrs with Dogecoin (a literal joke/meme coin) – 40,188.. And there are more active addresses on Dogecoin than there are bitcoin cash –

raymond nichols says:

Considering half of all bch transactions come from one address I'd say bch is heavily manipulated to look like it's being used

Karl says:

Centralised shitcoin

Kingsley Ndaguba says:

Amazing! This is why I love my wallet & Bitcoin Cash; fast, reliable and sensorship resistant money for the world!! More adoption guys!!!

adele buznowa says:

Excited to see merchants accepting BCH every single day.

Jared Schneider says:

Great video Roger!
Also, I just watched a video of you and tone at the Malta event…. man, you were great! You spoke nothing but the truth and it really made tone look stupid. You make a pretty amazing case for bitcoin cash!

Pol Symtas says:

Why would you trust anecdotal evidence when there is a public blockchain.
In the last 24 hours:
BTC = 378K transcations
BCH = 48K transactions

Канал Клевверо says:

we still can't pay by BCH in Russia

Equity Lifer1337 says:

Go BitcoinCASH. ❤️ Thank you Roger Ver for your service ❤️ And I buy BitcoinConfidential for 100% anonymity > Monero !!! Peace,Love & Liberty

Moe Colione says:

Microsoft is building on the BTC blockchain not the bitcoin trash aka cash blockchain

Satoshi Analysis says:


The Derrick J says:

Yes this is great

Fitness Elite says:

A better question would be which version is at 8000 and which is at 400 ?? Dats rite!

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