BTC Price Could Go Higher, Niall Ferguson Turns Bullish on Bitcoin!

BTC Price Could Go Higher, Niall Ferguson Turns Bullish on Bitcoin!

Former Nocoiner Now Praises #Bitcoin, Says It’s Digital Gold

3 Core Fundamentals Behind #Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Forecast of a Massive Bitcoin Revival

How Bitcoin Price Could Go Higher Because of Increased R&D

What Is Bitcoin BTC? Beginners Guide

Bitcoin News – Samsung Galaxy S10 Supports Only #Ethereum, No Place for Bitcoin: Report

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Armel Rodriguez says:

Litecoin and Binance coin keeps on moving up! What’s your opinion?

Vodka Tonic says:

What about the Brave browser (BAT) on the Samsung S10?

Yves Nicollier says:

In the bitcoin white paper it says digital peer to peer cash. Of course it should be able to serve as an asset. That’s the whole point. For example Bch works as cash now. Bitcoin is just moving slow.

The Nerd Robert says:

I remember Ethereum prices were bottoming around 0.50 cent people were calling "its dead. Exit Scam. Not bottomed yet. 2x its Dead cat bounce" if you are still in bear mentality. Forget about crypto.. and never look back.. cus you will get rekt hard.. Eth made more than 2000X profit. 1000 usd to 2.600.000 usd.

Al5 R says:

Much Much Price Bitcoin go down. Deep and deep again.

Much much more we can earn BTC and ETH If we mining Again


Buy a shithypecoin and RELAX 🙂

Tim Raw says:

I look at it this way, Satoshis are the new bitcoin.

RUwatching says:

Since Samsung wont support BTC go have a look at Vault Tel its a crypto wallet sim card for Android and Apple and you can use it on your phone doesnt have to be the S10 its a kick starter

Coin Stacks says:

Thanks marty

Tim Raw says:

Eth took a big win and big loss in the same day. Won at Samsung but lost at Fidelity

Рауан Сейтмаганбетов says:

Telegram after all opened ICO for retail investors on

Ivan梦夫 says:

Waiting for Peter Schiff's stance shift…eventually

crypto- jorozu says:

yes only eth , and cant get it goiing anyway

Jason Sides says:

1st. Great videos as always!

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