BTC Bull Trap? (Where is Bitcoin headed in a Nutshell)

BTC Bull Trap? (Where is Bitcoin headed in a Nutshell)

Yes, I am back and this year has launched better than expected here at Goonalerts. Jan-Feb over 500% in gains and last but not least March closing in at over 100%+ major thanks to $BAT $0.13 to over $0.26. Congrats to all members making a killing.

This Bitcoin Price Prediction is my personal opinion. Please do your own research. I may have been right and called the past 5 major drops which all did over 70% but we are getting super close to the bottom and I may just be pushing it. That being said, I stand on my short position which I will gladly take my loss like a champ if I stand corrected. I do think the major reversal point to watch out for ranges between $4,200 and $4,300.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, This is for entertainment. Trade and invest on your own risk. Market outcomes vary.

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F. S. says:

True ! No bull run at moment

Oleg Gavrilov says:

Thank you , lets see.. Same here <tethered at this level and watchin

Manfred Tröger says:

go bitcoin go

the future says:

Great to see you uploaded a video Goone!

Brad says:

you hit on the head … your the man Carlos !

77MovieFan says:

Still bullish on ELASTOS ?
I still am, the last hours did feel very good. Because of the low supply the value of the coin can make very big moves

Ryan Palmer says:

Man, post more videos!!

saurabh s says:

Sorry I'm not agree with you bro if you were that smart why would you sell your lemborgini 10 moths ago and buy eos and sitting on lose right now

vincent ianto says:

nice vid, quick and to the point

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